Popcorn’s First day at the Side Lane


Today was Popcorn’s first day out at the side lane. She was running like a free spirited child with her tongue hanging, ears flapping, and eyes beaming. Love you Popcorn :) and also extremely proud of you when I saw you facing your fears courageously when the neighbors’ dogs were barking ferociously in your presence. Imagine the scene: Popcorn sat down between the two closed gates and looked to the left and right (where the dogs were) for about two minutes and then walked away. Yup, she didn’t bark, nor did she display nervous or anxious behavior. SO PROUD of you poppers! =) heh. Today’s experience was very special as this was the first time I saw popcorn running in the wind in the outdoors with her fur coat showing beautifully in the sunlight. Watching her enjoying her first experience with the outdoors fills my heart with joy. I hope to remember this day and its details for a very very long time to come.

After her run, Poppers had her second bath since she got home from the pet store. I’m glad she isn’t ill anymore. =) thanks Dr. Kim Koh. Today she whined more while showering than previously. How cute! As I was blow-drying her after her bath she snuggled up between my legs and just lied there in a furry ball. Oh man. She did that twice today. Once after the bath, and another after we both woke from our two hour nap. Love you baby. :) it’s heartwarming when she shows affection in her own small ways :] thank you Popcorn.

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