♖Play time with Pinkiwinkle officially begins!


Good morning Popcorn!!

Poppy at her corner of the stairs, patiently waiting :}

hello Poppy :D


Video Time!

Popcorn got a new chew toy today :)
Her name is Pinkiwinkle, like the Periwinkle flower, but Pink :)

 Bedtime was fast approaching, and Poppy had her bedtime gears on :D
* Last moments of playtime with Pinkiwinkle :) *

Night night Poppy poo :} i hope you had a swell time with Pinkiwinkle today :} See.. your new friend will be sleeping beside ya tonight :} 


After countless attempts of trying to capture Popcorn’s attention from the upstairs landing, Poppy finally looked up and noticed me waving and screaming “HEY POPPY!! POPPY!!!!!!! UP HERE!!! *CLAP* *CLAP*!!” :) ♥ yeah i even took a butterfly net and slammed it against the wall a couple of times to get Poppy’s attention :P *yay* we did it — She finally knows that the landing exists ;) ♥ Toodles! :)

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