♫ Spay Rhymes with Yay ♫


Popcorn is on her way to spaying surgery now… It’s her big day today! Poppy… you may be feeling slightly weirdie pants for the next couple of days but it’ll all be better really soon okay? I promise. Hugs and big kisses now  Keep safe and Stay brave :}

It was 0815 in the morning, and our bags were packed. We were really to go :) i brought Poppy’s crate and placed it at the back of the car.

Here’s Poppy in the car on her way to the clinic :}

We arrived at the clinic at 9.05 am and registered Popcorn. There were other furbabies visiting too, one other pup was undergoing the same procedure today, and an anxious black lab was barking away. Many things were going on, but all i could think about was whether Poppy would be okay. i was worried sick. :(
To think that i was trying to hide it from my closest furiend..

Popcorn laid on my lap observing the crowd… Our turn was next and there were a few things we wanted to ask the vet. :) After learning about the option of having a pre-anesthetic blood test done for the purpose of checking for basic kidney and liver function, i requested that Poppy had her blood panel done too. This simple blood test would help detect underlying liver or kidney disease that might make it unsafe for your pup to have an anaesthetic procedure. One can never be too cautious :)

We also briefly mentioned to the vet about Poppy’s teeth and how it looks slightly crowded. The lady vet suggested that she could remove Poppy’s milk teeth during the surgery to help with the overcrowding. Later in the afternoon, i called the clinic to request that the extraction of Poppy’s teeth be done on a separate day. Imagining Poppy feeling pain from both her gums and lower belly seemed too much to bare. :|

I had plans to ask the vet to look at Poppy’s left hind leg as it seems to not extend as well as the right while she runs. Poppy’s swimming coach noticed this too, and recommended that we let Poppy continue with swimming lessons, or consider physiotherapy. It was really unfortunate that it slipped my mind. O.O

The schedule today:

1000 am – Blood Panel Test

1030 am – Results of Blood Panel Test

1200 pm – Surgery

1230 pm – Surgery completed

….Time for Poppy to drool in her sleep…..

0230 pm – Popcorn gets to go home :D

We left the clinic as advised by the nurse soon after consultation. Best friend suggested we watch a movie while we waited. Titanic 3D it was!

Popcorn was on my mind the entire time. Silly as this sounds, i had mini conversations in my mind with Poppy, telling her that she would be alright and that she was in safe hands. 

I received the phone call in the theater midway through the movie.

The nurse asked if i could come over to pick Popcorn between 0230 – 0300. Without replying, i asked her if Poppy was okay — “Ya she is okay” :D i had the biggest grin on my face (rather inappropriate for the movie), but yaayyyee!!!! =D i turned over to best friend and nodded my head with much excitement, mouthing the words “sheee’s Okayy!!” :D Thank the heavens, thank the dog god, thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers from all of Poppy’s friends and furiends :) My deepest thanks for keeping Poppy safe and sound :)

The movie ended soon after, and POOOF we were off before the credits rolled.


Like anxious and excited parents, we paced about the hall, discussing about how Poppy would look after her surgery, with her tiny belly shaven, her perhaps drooling state, and her sleepy groggy gait :P We purchased an e-collar, and couldn’t wait to video her arrival.

The nurse gave us a list of things to take note of:

(1) Food and water only after 7 pm today. Half the usual portion of food.

(2) Limit activities such as running and swimming for the next 2 weeks.

(3) Ensure the wound is dry at all times.

(4) Wear an e-collar or a t-shirt over the wound to prevent the dog from licking.

(5) Stitches do not need to be removed.

(6) If yellowish pus develops, contact the clinic immediately.


And now… a video of Poppy’s arrival!


Popcorn came home in her crate as we didn’t want to accidentally hurt her.

When we got home, Popcorn looked really tired,
and she didn’t pee like she used to after being out for hours. 

She drank just a bit of water..

and was pretty happy after :D Maybe it was the drugs. She looked silly happy!


i realized that Poppy couldn’t enter her pee-door due to the size of her “head” now that she has an e-collar on. So i removed the entire door that separated her sleeping area, from her pee area. :D *easy access now*

Poppy slept through the day – until dinnertime :D Her appetite was really good :) i was relieved that she didn’t puke after and took it as a good sign that things were going smoothly. :} Nonetheless, we had to continue monitoring Poppy for signs of infection.

Throughout the night, Popcorn would climb onto our laps, and snuggle up in there. It was a rare sight. Poppy has always been a pup that enjoys her space. She prefers to lie close by while maintaining visual contact than snuggle up as a furball on our laps. So this tonight was especially heartwarming :) Best friend said she hopes that Poppy continues with the lap snuggles even after she recovers. *Ditto*! :D 

Meet PoppySnugglePoop

Poppy’s tini clean belly and stitches

It was getting late and Poppy was starting to feel restless..

At approximately 10 pm, i heard Poppy yelp twice and my heart just sank. o_o

I think the anesthetic wore off. :( We tried to coax her to lie down and rest in her crate but she wouldn’t. i tried different methods such as placing a towel under her, stroking her, carrying her in from a lying down position, but they didn’t work. Then i relocated her water bowl. Voila! She laid down within seconds. i figured her e-collar was taking up much space and she just needed more. :)

It was bed time.. i couldn’t bare to leave Poppy alone, but i knew that if i stayed, she wouldn’t get the rest she needed. So i went upstairs and came down to check on her a couple of times throughout the night. Good night now baby.. sweet dreams and sleep well… i’ll see you in the morning and that’s real soon :) 


Some things Poppy was telling her furiends on facebookie:

oooo boys, the Shaving! This was my very first time! i got a little red between my back legs but it’s all better now. It TICKLED!! heh heh. ooooo Tweats~!! i got some today! =D ♥ i hope you are well Gwennnnie!! Thank you for your sweet words toooo :} ♥

:D I think mommy was more afraid than i was! :P i just didn’t really enjoy the eeee-collar thingy around me face. Couldn’t see nooo nothing! Thank you for your prayers Sue and Tiger :} i am feeling much better today :) ♥ *hugs*

Thank you Miss Hannah! :D i am on my road to recovery! :D ♥♥♥ i hope you are well Hannah! i miss you! ♥

oooo i would loooove to chase around the garden like on Sunday! but mommy says i’ve got to rest and relax after surgery. Rain Check on on that okay! :} ♥ *hugs*!”

it waaaass!!! Come by and we can do it again sooooons when i recover alright? =D! yayyyyy ♥ *huggies*”


Mom said Giggs was coming over to stay in 7 days, for 10 days! whaaat – i guess we’ll have to limit the interaction between Poppy and Giggs. If you’re wondering why, maybe this post could tell ya :D

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  1. […] the couch, she looked kinda depressed and lethargic, like how she was when she first came home from surgery. I think she was experiencing some discomfort. Best friend and i hugged her and gave her comfort […]

  2. […] the couch, she looked kinda depressed and lethargic, like how she was when she first came home from surgery. I think she was experiencing some discomfort. Best friend and i hugged her and gave her comfort […]

  3. Hey Poppy, Jet here. Sorry so late in reading this, Mom’s been working a ton.

    Oh you are one brave little sister! I bet by now, you are almost 100% back to full Popcorn, right?

    I’m so proud of you. Mom said, as a girl, you will be so much more comfortable not having your cycle!

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