♣ Popcorn, BITE!


i was about to walk down the stairs when i heard best friend saying, “bite?” o.O

Oooo? What’s going on downstairs?

I peeped over the second floor landing to check things out. :)

Best friend was teaching Poppy to bite her new flavored rope! :D YES! She got Popcorn the strawberry flavored chew rope! The best flavor on the block! :D Popcorn absolutely loves it. :} You probably know that Poppy loves strawberries yes? :D Mmmm~ Mmmmm…. The flavored chew rope makes teaching this new trick so much easier now that Popcorn is willing to bite the rope! :} It’s The Perfect Pull-item! — Poppy did not want to bite anything else that we “stuffed” in her face previously (like the towel & bally chew toy) :P


So what’s this trick again? 

Well….. Poppy’s learning to open her crate door by biting and pulling on a pull-item! :D


Day 1 — Today’s schedule!

A♣ Popcorn is encouraged to bite on the Pull-item (the strawberry flavored chew rope!).

How? By Clicking and Treating her every time she bites on the rope.


B♣ Poppy will learn to associate the word “bite?” with her biting on the rope.

How? Say “bite?” whenever Popcorn bites on the rope, then Click and Treat!


C♣ Popcorn then learns to bite the rope immediately after best friend says the word “Bite?” 

How? Click and Treat Popcorn only if she bites on the rope immediately after the command is said. :)


As i looked down from the landing today, i felt like a proud parent standing outside the classroom, watching my kid learn. :}  Popcorn was learning to associate the word “bite?” with the biting of her flavored rope. :} Best friend was really doing a great job. :D After about 20 repetitions, Poppy learned to bite the rope immediately after best friend said bite. :D

I’m so proud of my little one ♥♥♥♥♥♥ :} SO PROUD! I can’t wait for the moment when the rope is attached to the crate door, and Poppy learns to pull the crate door open. :D

It would look something like this! :)


2 Comments on “♣ Popcorn, BITE!”

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Well done Poppy! :)

  2. […] was really looking forward to see Popcorn perform this trick! :D It’s only day twoooo of […]

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