♣ Popcorn, OPEN!


My phone rang and best friend was on the line.

“Come down! Come downstairs! Popcorn is graduating from door opening class!”

O.O ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! :D Right away!

I was really looking forward to see Popcorn perform this trick! :D It’s only day twoooo of training!!

I whipped out my video cam and got ready to take it all down. 8) Perfect performance or not, it was a moment i wanted to remember forever . =)

Here’s a video of Popcorn opening her crate door for the very first time. :D


It took Popcorn two days to learn this trick :) To see what she learned yesterday, read this post.

Today, Popcorn practiced what she learned yesterday — biting the flavored rope immediately after best friend says “bite?”. After several repetitions, best friend wanted to see if Popcorn could generalize the biting behavior to other objects and bite the towel instead of the rope when she hears the command. But Poppy couldn’t do it yet so the flavored rope was used as the official object Poppy bites on, to pull the crate door open. :D Here’s what happened:



The rope was tied to the door…

and within seconds, Poppy bit on the rope and her pulling away action made the crate door wing OPEN! =D Whooooa baby!!! It took several attempts for Popcorn to wing the door wide open but she eventually did it! :} I’m so proud of you baby Poppy! :}

You’re amazing in Mommy’s eyes! Just amazing! :D A big giant hug for you! :} We’ll practice more and may be one day you’ll be able to open the fridge door huh? ;) Psssst, lots of tweats and foodies there you know? That’s got to be a HUGE incentive ay? Lol. 

Wishing you all a happy weekend! :}

Enjoy every moment with the ones you love :) *Huggies*