i ♥ 3rd march


Baby Popcorn is a whiner!

:D tee hee. At least she was this morning. I heard her softly whining from downstairs as i was busy with my laptop up in the study. :) oh.. her whines get me every time, and it takes much effort just trying to ignore them. Must know that i still love you babe. :}


♫ ♬ ♪ den, den den den, den den den Popcorn ♬ ♪ ♫

I love to annoy her by singing to the tunes on the television and then adding the word Popcorn some point during the song — all of that done just to see the little one raise her head from a resting position and then look at me with curious eyes. 


Best friend is HOME!

What can a little puppy do when her play mate returns home, but she is bound by the rule of the invisible line?

Well this Popcorn would hop excitably in one spot just before the invisible line and whine a little until her play mate comes over to say hi haha :D well done my Popcorn (: – aerobics exercise in the making ♥.


☄ Mini Shopping Spree

✔ Teething Gel

✔ Isle of Dogs Light Management Conditioner

✔Double headed Tooth Brush

✔ and we got some free treats! 


☁ Popcorn’s Evening Walk

Thankfully it wasn’t raining today and Popcorn got her daily dose of the outdoors :D She was good as always, although she made a few pit stops along the way. We met M.P (miniature poodle), and M (maltese) again today. Haha. Popcorn knew even though we were a distance away. So did M.P and M. :D She was a complete fur ball, rolling herself across the sandy ground, greeting her new found fur friends enthusiastically. I wasn’t quite sure if this behavior was healthy but the uncle said they were doing fine :) Though, i’m sad to say that M.P kinda nibbed Popcorn twice today. :( Poppy didn’t squeal or react adversely to the nib. If anything, I responded with more anxious energy than Poppy did (oops). Best friend said that dogs usually nib at each other in their natural habitat. mmm… Guess i’ll have to read up more on that. I’m just glad that Poppy is safe and sound. :) Hopefully their next meeting would be nib freeee. *fingers crossing*


Isle of Dogs Light Management Conditioner

Popcorn showered with Isle of Dogs Light Management Conditioner today! :D Here’s my view of this product.

Popcorn’s fur feels great after her bath. :) She’s soft and fluffy :] Her coat feels/looks lighter and not downed by what seems like by-products in other conditioner brands. :)

I like how easy it is to brush her fur now while blow drying. Popcorn’s fur used to feel drier just after her bath, and when it came to blow drying, i’d always feel like brushing her was hurting her. But not this time round. Today, brushing was a breeze. The conditioner worked its wonders, allowing gentle strokes across her damp fur without tangling. :D

In the past, when Popcorn was rinsed under the running tap, her coat would slowly start to feel dry as if it has lost its moisture. But now with Light Management Conditioner, Popcorn’s coat feels deeply conditioned and moisturized even after minutes under the running tap. So i believe this product allows good penetration of moisture and nutrients into the fur coat such that running water over the coat wouldn’t strip essential oils and moisture. :}

What’s more, No Artificial Coloring :D

Lastly, baby smells like a baby! :D tee hee. Although i prefer the smell of the previous conditioner.

Overall, i love how Light Management Conditioner makes Popcorn’s fur look and feel. 

I give this product 4.5 out of 5 Popcorns! 


Popcorn meets Donel!

Donel is best friend’s nephew :D He and best friend’s sister came over to pick us up for a late dinner. :D This was the first time Donel met a dog up close in person. :) Popcorn was friendly, as she always is, licking Donel’s fingers, toes, hands, legs haha. Best friend told Donel, a barely 3 year old boy how much Popcorn loves him and how Popcorn shows her love by kissing him. HAHA. cuteness. Both of them got acquainted in less than 3 minutes ;)

Back home from dinner, Donel made a pit stop at the restroom just before leaving. Tee hee. He was speaking loudly on the way to the restroom, and on the way out. Popcorn’s reaction was priceless as she heard the kid’s voice coming from behind. :D She kept hopping up the stairs wanting to take a peek at who was there. And when Donel finally came to the living area, Popcorn played chase with him. Haha. The kid was slightly fearful, but he braved it out and welcomed Popcorn into his space. ;) I could tell that Poppy liked Donel. Her tail wagged continuously, and she couldn’t stop licking him. Wherever Donel went, Popcorn followed. And at one point, she tried to squeeze behind best friend’s back just to get closer to Donel. :D Best friend’s sister said that next Saturday, they would try to come over to play with Popcorn again. :D i can’t wait…!


♥ Cheers to the bundle of joy you bring. :}

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