☎ The Missing Tooth! =O


There’s a mystery in the house. S.O.S!

What happened during the 12 hours i was away!

I left the washed tooth that i took out from Popcorn’s mouth last night on the table. But this morning when i went to find it to take a photo, it disappeared! DISAPPEARED! i asked everyone in the household but no one had seen it. Did the tooth fairy visit? But if the tooth fairy really came, he or she didn’t leave anything behind! :( This was the only tooth i personally took out from Popcorn’s mouth and now it’s gone, and i don’t even have a photo of it. Sigh… Tooth fairy or just some hungry bug looking for a snack??? O.o

i gave Poppy snugglies and she covered her face ~ shy as ever. :P


Here’s something funny i found on the facebookie today. :D 

Have a good day ahead! Poppy’s back!! :D (Sorry for the long delay in posts guys… Many things have happened over the past couple of months and i just didn’t have the time or mood to update posts.) I hope you hang in there and come visit whenever! :} Now that things are looking up, it’s time to post again! 

Most recent update!

Poppy is currently taking part in her very first dressup photo contest. :D

*Knock-knock* furiends!!

Could ya all pleaseee help little Poooopcorn get to TOP THRWEE in her very first Dress-up Photo Contest by clicking on this link and voting! ♥♥ *Pooopcorn raises her paws and asks sincerely*! ♥♥

“mom says we gots to stay in top thrweeeee for another twoooooo more days in order to get into The Finals! O.O Furiends UNITE? :D *PAWS for da woooooorld-da* ♥”


I’mma wearing the Dog Whisperer Bandana in this photo!

Mom and best friend took a looooooong while trying to dress me up for the photo shoot!! You won’t believe how difficult it was to get the greeeeen bandana to stay on my small little head. It kept slipping! *Gagaga*

Please click this link to vote for me!! :D I’ll be eternally grateful!!

Thank you thank you thank you!  :D



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