➲ :} Snippets of Popcorn throughout the day


Poppy at the door early this morning 

teehee, not sure what she was looking at :}

i love your poppy feet 

Popcorn’s our little guard dog :D



Popcorn says, whaddup mom? 

Popcorn’s been attempting to get her rainbow toy out of her crate for quite some time now :P
Love the face Poppy! WhoOohoo ♥

Poppy asking for assistance :P


Look who’s back Poppy?



  It’s Dinner time!

This was what we saw as we were dinnering today :P

Packing up and heading to the kitchen… with Poppycorn watching :) 


✡ After Dinner Ritual! ✡

Belly rub!


… and Popcorn says:

Zebit, my half zebra half rabbit playmate finally lost the battle, and now Mommy’s gonna keep him high up in the shelves foreverrr. :[ Can somebody help me figure a way to get him back down????


After a day of guarding, solving, persuading, awaiting, greeting, watching, enjoying, and chewing, it’s time for Poppy to head over to sleepyland :) ♥

Night Night now baby :)

2 Comments on “➲ :} Snippets of Popcorn throughout the day”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Pictures of adorable little Poppy give me such nice breaks in my day! I could swear she’s smiling in those belly rub pics! :)

    • heehee. :} I think so too Daisy! :) I’m so happy Poppy gives you nice breaks in your day! :} She’s always happy when you visit! :) Please give Daisy baby a big warm snuggly hug for me and Poppy! =) Happy Monday Daisy Mommy! ♥ ;)

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