❂ Wednesday, 8th of feb


Could i assume that every dog owner starts their day just a little brighter? ❂ I smile every morning just walking down the stairs to the living hall, seeing or waiting to see the little one standing at the stairs waiting. You make me feel like i’m the only person that matters. :} No matter how nasty the night before, somehow you get me back on a happy track and i thank you for that, really :) Your bouncy energy is greatly infectious – and i’m not complaining :D thanks baby. :))) this means a great deal.

Both of us slept in the afternoon. And when i woke up, i saw little baby stretching on her blue cushion. heh. Next time we’ll sleep together on a decent bed i promise. ;)

The clock was ticking and i had to head on out immediately. Baby thought that we were going out for a walk and starting running towards the door, hopping and spinning around. wahaa. Leaving is always the hardest. Popcorn would give you the cutest face (that melts any heart) you could ever imagine, it makes any one want to come back and give her a giant hug before leaving. I saw this with daddy in morning before he leaves for work, with visitors who come by and leave for home, with best friend, and of course with myself. Snuggly pants~ i want to bring you everywhere i go!! if only you would walk better poot.


I came home at approximately 1130 pm and the most terrible thing happened. D=

My hard disk BROKE into pieces from a FALL. 


I hoped that the not-so-sturdy casing broke the impact from the fall and saved the insides. O.O i was close to tears. What would i do if all of poppy’s childhood photos and videos were to perish. I didn’t wish to think further. I ran upstairs and grabbed best friend’s much faster to start up computer and stuck the driver right in, in my head screaming please please please a million times over. Thankfully blue lights lit up from between the broken pieces and the hard drive starting to run. oh lordy. a huge sigh of relief. the next step was to transfer all the data onto best friend’s laptop. Thank you babe for lending me your space. :P

Size 55.4 GB (59,527,214,991 bytes)

Contains 10,040 Files, 479 Folders

:D heh. yay. Going for hard drive shopping soooons or may be not. :P

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