✔ Knowing more about Spaying/Neutering


Popcorn’s going for her surgery tomorrow

I spent the night reading up on post-spaying and neuter aftercare and found this website to be really helpful. It discusses everything related to spaying/neutering. Check it out :}

Dog Spaying Surgery – Everything you need to know about spaying a dog.

1. What is spaying?

2. Canine spaying pros and cons – the reasons for and against spaying a dog.

3. Information about dog spaying age: when to spay a dog.

4. Canine spaying procedure (dog spay operation) – a step by step pictorial guide to dog spay surgery.

5. Dog Spaying After Care – all you need to know about caring for your female dog after spaying surgery.

6. Post Spay Complications – Possible surgical and post-surgical (post-op) complications and side effects of spaying a dog.

7. Late complications or problems associated with spaying female dogs.

8. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and myths about spaying female dogs

9. The cost (price) of spaying female dogs

10. Alternatives to spaying your dog


Here’s a video about Post-Spay and Neuter Aftercare:

Poppy’s doctor’s appointment is at 9 am tomorrow morning.
Please Poppy, stay safe.. and be brave… ♥ mommylovesyou

4 Comments on “✔ Knowing more about Spaying/Neutering”

  1. Groucho says:

    OH, GOOD LUCK POPPY!!! Hope you feel ok afterwards!

  2. grouchoandt says:

    Good luck Popcorn! we hope you will feel ok. I was fine – the dog-ter told my Two Legged Ones I might be a bit groggy and sore after the operation but I was ready for my walk within a few hours! the hardest thing for me was going on reduced walks for the week following the surgery – that was very boring! Let us know how you are going!!



    • Yes Groucho! i totally get how you were feeling! i haven’t been on my walks in a week! Mommy says i hop around a lot and get too excited on my walks and she’s worried that i might hurt myself. tsk. but i’m stronger than that! i know…she’s just being a mommy :} :D Mommy’s been pretty busy lately so posts are published less quickly. The most recent post is of me on my day of surgery :} Thanks Groucho for visiting me! :) So very sweet of you to drop by <3 :}

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