☁ I had visitors today!


First, they took pictures of me!

Then they made me do toooooweeeks!

And gave me foodies!


mom… can i have this now…?



Mom brushed me :D


O.O my hairr!

We played fetch!

with da chocolate toooooy :D

And they gave me snuggles tooO!

thank you!

thank you!! Oooo!

thank you!! ahhh i’mma slipping!

thank you thank you!!

thank you thank you thank you once more!


Tadah! Ain’t this pretty!! :D mom’s friend Audrey did it! :D


What a wooooonderful daaaaay!!! 

Poppy was so happy to meet new friends this evening, her tail was wagging Wagging WAGGING! :} Each of them did a trick with her and she had a belly full of foodies and snackies by the end of the night. Lol. Someone was deeeeeelighted! Yup! Thanks sweet Audrey for the beautiful photo collage! :D It was surely a Happy day! =D

The bedroom door was left ajar, and Poppy was asked to staaaaaaay put. I ran up the stairs to grab something. It was a test to see if the furball could staaaaaaay and wait patiently for me to return. One second….. two seconds…… threeee seconds…… (Oooooo…. looks like she’s doing it right)….. four seconds……… *BELLS A-RINGING!!!!!*


*mission failed*

Round the corner, dashing up the stairs was the little furball. Lol. Hello Popcorn~ :D

Nice to see that you’ve *sneaked* up the stairs to find me :D


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