Anyone looking for a weather forecaster? ❂ ☁ ϟ

Eighty-five percent accuracy thereabout marks Popcorn’s ability to predict a thunderstorm. For the fourth or fifth time, Popcorn has led me back home to seek shelter just seconds before a thunderstorm hits our area. She doesn’t do anything specific like drag me home, bark madly, or anything really. What I’ve noticed however was that she refuses to walk even one step without me having to coax her a lotttttttt. Like even a giant floating sausage wouldn’t get her to move in the right direction. At this point in time, Popcorn is a sign post superglued to the ground. Then something would click in me. I’ll have a conversation in my head about whether to carry her to the stadium track, walk a different path, or walk her back towards home and suddenly lead her away from home again. But each of those times, we ended up heading back home, reaching home in the nick of time with only a minute or two to wash Popcorn’s feet before the big rains comes. *phew~*

You may be thinking that it would have seemed quite obvious that it was going to rain if i just looked at the color of the sky — therefore miss Popcorn is no genius weather guru dog. Yet during those few times (especially since it was the raining season, and flash rain was not uncommon), the wind speed was typical, and the sky was just as bright as any other day. :D So there, I like to think that dear Popcorn is amazing. Tee hee. She kept us dry and safe. She’s a genius weather guru dog :P Way to go baby! ;) :D

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