♞ Thursday, 9th of feb


Mommy said popcorn was enjoying the door swinging in the wind, until it suddenly slammed and scared the poor little thing she went to hide in the corner. :P Mommy sayanged her. So sweet. :))))) Thinking back, you said you wouldn’t dare to carry her, but now she’s like your little baby. I hear you telling your friends that some afternoons you lie beside poppy and tap her to sleep, and eventually fall asleep beside her. ♥ That would have been a pretty picture mom. :)

I went for facial this afternoon and was thinking of poppy most of the time. :] Baby was asleep when I came in the house. Her blur face stared at the figure standing in the door way. “Is that mommmmy?” her brain processes, and as soon as she realized, she came hopping my way. Oooo baby. Did you think you were dreaming? :) I’m home!!!! i loved the moment when her blur face changed into a face of clarity. :}

Best friend told me today that Popcorn did hiccups while doing tricks just now. heh. After one treat, she hiccuped, and still wanted more. Best friend said she wouldn’t give unless poppy had some water :}

We brought her out for a walk tonight and Popcorn was great :) but halfway through her walk she puked. :( We weren’t sure what caused it. Perhaps she was too excited, ran too fast, or her dinner hadn’t digested after 3 hours. :( Anyway.. sorry Popcorn if we caused you discomfort. Thankfully she was fine after that puke. Poppy continued playing at home. :)

Oh and i just recalled that the other day when Popcorn went over to Gigg’s house, the taxi driver who sent us there said that dogs love fruits, and his Maltese eats it everyday. May be Popcorn should too. :D She ate a tini wini slice of an apple once before. Absolutely loved her trying to crunch up the apple slice. Sounds fabulous! ;)


This or this :D


They’re both gonna taste as great  :D

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