♬ tee hee. 6 months and one tooth less ✌


tee hee. Popcorn turned six months yesterday and today, she’s one tooth less! oh man. Is it strange that i stored it in a mini jar saying “Tooth inside!” ? o.o

I only realized that her tooth probably fell off when i brushed her teeth this morning and saw some blood on the gums where her tooth used to be. So i walked around the living hall and found this!


Toofy in a teaspoon

Toofy in the jar

oh man. I actually said to my sister, if only her tooth were bigger i would wear it. lol. :D I believe her tooth on the other side is falling off soon. Its kinda loose and was slightly bleeding. o.o

Anyhows, one relative came together with grandma and grandpa for house visiting just now. :) We had Lontong. ooo yums.

:D Remember i said Sissy is pregnant? oooOohooo i saw her tini wini tummy today. Way to go sis! ;) i’m proud of ya :D and congratulations once again. She told me about how her two cats, and Giggs are now extremely clingy to her, and also very gentle on her tummy. :) so very sweet. :} Who’s feeling the   ❤

Look who decided to give Poppy a make over

O.O! hahaha. Definitely wasn’t my idea :D

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