♛ The Most Important Part of Poppy’s Day


Poppy says…

“Hey Mommy… Do you know what’s the most important part of the day for me, besides getting kibbles and tweats? =D

“It’s getting Kibbles and Tweats and Snugglies All At The Same Time!! Wheee!!!

Poppy got truckloads of snugglies from Grandma this afternoon.  Tsk.

Snugglies on the floor,
Snugglies on the chair,
Snugglies on Grandma’s lap.

Snugglies by the couch,
Snugglies on the steps,
Snugglies almost everywhere! :)

She was happy beyond words — Mom said Poppy was smiling! 

And definitely looking as relaxed as this :D



Sissy, Mom, Best friend, and i went out for dinner and when we got back, Poppy was whining away. :} Poor kid had some poop at her poopie spot. i think the whining was Poppy’s way of saying


Poppy did her Blue Cushion Greetings. 

What’s blue cushion greetings you may ask? Well, it goes something like this.

First we invite Poppy out of her crate by tapping on the floor. Then, Popcorn would dash towards me or best friend as we clap with great excitement and say something like “HEYYY POPCORN!” or “POPPPPPPCORNNN!” or “WHOOHOOO!!” :D Poppy sprints towards either of us and burrows her way through any gap between our leg and the floor…. before turning a full circle and doing it again (well we’re sitting on the floor while she does her burrowing agility moves) :D

And who can forget the licking… oh the licking…. Poppy would lick your fingers, your toes, your ankles, your clothes and almost anything you put in front of her. teehee. Lastly… we’ll do the High^Paw^5 thing where Poppy hops on her hind legs and stretches to Paw^5 our hands :D

And at some point between the hopping and the burrowing and the licking…. Poppy would dash right back to the blue cushion and start digging at it with all her might. You’ll see Poppy’s ears flopping about as she holds her breath and releases allllll the excitement from within. :P

And occasionally, Poppy would look up at us, take a quick breath, and continue
digging again.

This funny little ritual Poppy does makes Dad laugh all the time. Lol!


And as everyone made their way upstairs, i stayed downstairs for a bit and hung out with Popcorn :) While i laid beside her, i noticed the little pores on Poppy’s little black nose for the first time, and also looked at the tip of her tongue that was peeping out of her little mouth.. It looks something like this ☛

Quiet moments like these matter most to me. :)


Here are some photos i took of Poppy tonight
with her out of bed hair.


[The Snuggle Poop Look]

[The Happy in-the-moment Look]

[The Shy Look]

[The Very Shy Look]

[The i’m showing-you-the-flip-side-of-my-ear Look]

 [The i-still-look-pretty-good-from-the-side Look]

 [The Slightly Stunned Look]

 [The Ay Who’s Making That Sound Upstairs Look]

And the [Eh. When Are You Going to be Done Look]

Okay… that’s about all for now, Poppy over and Out!