♞ the Walk, the Net, and the Look


The Evening Walk

No Rain Today! :D Yippee!! Mommy, best friend, and i headed out for our usual evening walk. :D I was so happy! A little too happy i guess! Hopping about even before we took our first steps out the door. But who wouldn’t be after spending several days at home due to the rain right? Mommy understood. :D Nonetheless, she tried to calm me down before we headed outside. All thanks to dear Cesar Millan, i left the house less bouncy, and this helped me to maintain good stamina throughout the walk. ❤ whooo~hoooo!

Rex and his opposite neighbor furiend greeted me as i walked past. :) Mommy made me sit right in front of their gates. haha. What was she thinking? We haven’t actually met opposite neighbor furiend in person since we moved here. Come to think of it, we don’t know opposite neighbor furiend’s name, and haven’t seen him/her taking a stroll outside either. :( We hope to see you outdoors soon? I know we’ll have so much fun playing and exchanging paw hugs! ❤

My tiny feet shuffles so quickly! 

Mommy says that i’m a ball of energy during the first 5 minutes of our walk. I love to hop, dash, and speed-walk down the lane to show her how excited i am to be out. :} Mommy’s usually busy ensuring that i stay close beside her so i don’t wonder about. I must thank her for keeping me safe. :} God knows what might happen if my leash were loose! :)


As we walked back home, i saw some road works on the left and ZOOOP, my tail went between my legs. (Ooops) that was awkward. Then Mommy did something. I guess she remembered about the tip from an episode of Dog Whisperer starring a fearful dog and decided to try it. So here goes… I felt a hand touching my tail, and my tail starting to move from side to side. It tickled a little :P but it felt good. i was feeling good. :} I guess Mommy’s magic trick helped me overcome most of the fear i was feeling. :] I even started to wag my tail. :} ❤ Teehee, Thanks mom!


Oopsy Daisy

Grandma was chasing a dragon fly that was trapped in the house today. We were going to set it free.
But being quite tiny, the green net seemed HUGE and SCARY, so i ran away from it.

it looked like this to me! O.O

 Then Grandma tried to make me face my fear, but instead of taking on the challenge like a brave pup i think i am, i dashed through the forbidden sofa area and made a full circle back to my safe haven at the corner of the stairs. :D i got everyone laughing :P i was impressive wasn’t i Mommy? =x


Then mommy wanted to go upstairs and i showed her this face:

… and this too :P



Have a great day! :D Next post shall be about me and my strawberries! 

2 Comments on “♞ the Walk, the Net, and the Look”

  1. Bailey says:

    You are just the cutest little thing!! I bet you have the biggest heart. :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

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