O.O Close Shave!


♛ Popcorn Saved the Day! :D

She alerted us to the presence of a mega centipede lurking in the corner of the stairs. I didn’t hear it creeping in the corner. Best friend wasn’t even looking! But Poppy? She must have heard something because she slowly walked towards the stairs and just stared at the floor; most probably wondering “What in the world is THAT?” Thank goodness Poppy didn’t play with it, sniff it, or LICK it! O.O

We managed to send it Out da Dooor :D Phew~ See Poppy?

You are our Doggie Poodle Superhero!


Poppy says…..♥ Peek-a-boo! ♥ Anyone of ya got something special planned for today? :} i’m still home, and missing you guys aplenty :} Maybe you could tell me about your day so i feel like i’ve been out playing too! :} xoxoxo always Poppypoopie :D

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