✱ Mid-week Wednesday ✱


Good afternoon! It’s Waaaaayning agains outside! Poppy’s doooreaming in her little corner waiting for the sun to shine brightly again! *cross paws* :} Happpy Wednesday! ;) *Sending snuggles and kisses all around* :} To all the furkids in the world: Happy snoozing if you are, and happy playing if you aren’t snoozing! Or Happy Playing in your dooreams while snoozing :)

♥ always, Poppypoopie


It is late now.. and i’m upstairs working while Poppy’s downstairs watching t.v with best friend.. and then all of a sudden: 

<<<<<OOOO BOYS!!! Best friend sneaked POPPY UPSTAIRS! teeheehee. she’s lying on my lap! oooo snuggles poopie!!! =D *BIG GRINZ*>>>>>


… Work got placed aside. =D  


See what i got from the airport today! :D

Poppy Poodle Earrings! :D 


I had a silly thought when i bought this today.
Now i can have Popcorn with me wherever i go. :}

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