♛ Poppy Gets a Mini Make Over


*It’s Grooming Day*

I’m getting Popcorn ready for her big doggie event on Saturday! =D Poppy got a good scrub down followed by an intense grooming session today :P Here’s a photo of her second bowl of fur from grooming. That’s quite a bowl of fur for a little one don’t you think? xD

♥ And the end result! :D

 ♥ one fluffy popcorn :}


I got a cut from the thinning scissors today o.O
and Smallness got attracted to the band aid on my finger :)

Look at that face :}

Baby’s coaxing me to give in. aha :P

Her face when she realizes she’s getting none of it..

*what disappointment in her eyes* #poorkid


Still, that disappointment did not last very long.
In a couple of minutes, Poppy’s attention quickly moved over to Daddy’s apple =D
Sure, a chewed up band aid isn’t gonna taste half as good as an apple slice! tsk.

*Poppy hoping*

*mmm…. sniffin’*

“Where did Daddy go Mommy?”

“mmm? Could he be walking up the stairs?”


oh i just love how Poppy’s feet look from behind 

hey! he’s back!

and then Poppy realizes again that she’s getting none of it *:P*

all she can really do now is sit and wonder why :}


Let’s give a very warm Welcome to Zebit Generation 2!

Best friend bought Poppy her very own Zebit Generation 2!!!
Popcorn was jumping with excitement at the sight of Zebit, i wish you could see ^^

Well hello Zebit-2!! Here’s an official Welcome to toy-friendly land!

That’ll be all for the day! :D Thanks for popping by! :} ♥ Lovelove, Xoxo, and Poppy hugs! :}


Through the eyes of Popcorn:

Today was a superduperfabulous Day! :) Mommy got to spend every second of the day with me! :} I took a bath, and had my fur groomed, and i’m about to snuggle in my freshly cleaned crate! Before i head to snoozyland, Poppy is here to say I Missed Ya All very much! :} Night night my furiends! ♥ Doing the Happy Dance before bedtime! :)

11 Comments on “♛ Poppy Gets a Mini Make Over”

  1. Chew says:

    Take a pic of zebit generation 1!!

  2. Dianda says:

    Poppy looks so cute!

  3. raisingdaisy says:

    Poppy has such an expressive little face! I love the way she sits on those stairs with her little back feet spread out like that – she’s cute from any direction! You did a great job grooming her. :D

    • teehee. :} Thank you Daisy! ♥ It’s so true, Poppy’s little face paints a story by the second, i want to keep on capturing :P It’s no wonder i always end up with hundreds of photos within a short span of time. :} Thank you Daisy Mommy, i’m learning to grooming her the best i can! ♥ We just dropped by your page for a visit! ♥ LOVING the PHOTOS! =D

  4. Bailey says:

    What a nice hair cut you got!! :) :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  5. Oh Poppy…who would have thought that you could get any cuter? Your bath and grooming succeeded making you muy, muy linda (very, very pretty). You are just too cute for words! BAYL…your fan, Dante

    • Oh Thank you so much Dante!! :} You really made my day! You’re Sunshine on a Rainy day such as today :) Bringing us warmth and happy fluttery feelings in our tummy even before breakfast is served. :} Hugs and kisses, LOVE, Poppy!

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