♛ Poppy Gets a Mini Make Over


*It’s Grooming Day*

I’m getting Popcorn ready for her big doggie event on Saturday! =D Poppy got a good scrub down followed by an intense grooming session today :P Here’s a photo of her second bowl of fur from grooming. That’s quite a bowl of fur for a little one don’t you think? xD

♥ And the end result! :D

 ♥ one fluffy popcorn :}


I got a cut from the thinning scissors today o.O
and Smallness got attracted to the band aid on my finger :)

Look at that face :}

Baby’s coaxing me to give in. aha :P

Her face when she realizes she’s getting none of it..

*what disappointment in her eyes* #poorkid


Still, that disappointment did not last very long.
In a couple of minutes, Poppy’s attention quickly moved over to Daddy’s apple =D
Sure, a chewed up band aid isn’t gonna taste half as good as an apple slice! tsk.

*Poppy hoping*

*mmm…. sniffin’*

“Where did Daddy go Mommy?”

“mmm? Could he be walking up the stairs?”


oh i just love how Poppy’s feet look from behind 

hey! he’s back!

and then Poppy realizes again that she’s getting none of it *:P*

all she can really do now is sit and wonder why :}


Let’s give a very warm Welcome to Zebit Generation 2!

Best friend bought Poppy her very own Zebit Generation 2!!!
Popcorn was jumping with excitement at the sight of Zebit, i wish you could see ^^

Well hello Zebit-2!! Here’s an official Welcome to toy-friendly land!

That’ll be all for the day! :D Thanks for popping by! :} ♥ Lovelove, Xoxo, and Poppy hugs! :}


Through the eyes of Popcorn:

Today was a superduperfabulous Day! :) Mommy got to spend every second of the day with me! :} I took a bath, and had my fur groomed, and i’m about to snuggle in my freshly cleaned crate! Before i head to snoozyland, Poppy is here to say I Missed Ya All very much! :} Night night my furiends! ♥ Doing the Happy Dance before bedtime! :)