✍ Book a dental appointment please!


We noticed that most of Poppy’s baby teeth have not fallen and it’s resulting in the issue of overcrowding. O.O Her gums are also slightly swollen as her adult teeth are pushing through. :( It must be really painful for the little one.. so I called up the clinic and fixed an appointment for Poppy to meet the dentist this coming Monday! :} Let’s solve the issue early okie Poppy! Don’t want you looking like this anytime soon!! :P


-i’m out! ❤ :D


3 Comments on “✍ Book a dental appointment please!”

  1. Hi Poppy!!! It’s been FOREVER since I stopped by to catch up with my fave toy poodle – looks like you’re growing up so fast and have a mouth full of teeth huh? Well, the dentist can make your mouth feel A LOT BETTER so good luck on Monday. No biting the dentist either!

    Nice to see you again………….!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • fluffypopcorn says:

      Hey Sammy! Thanks for stopping by! You really didn’t miss much as i haven’t been writing much too! :D Miss you furry furiend!! Ooooo by the way Sammy! I’m taking part in a photo contest for the very first time! Could you be so helpful as to vote for me? :D It would be paw-mazing! I’ve been trying to gather furiends’ help from da facebookie all day! I’m the fluffy popcorn with da green bandanaaaaa! :D Cheese! Thanks Sammy!! Here’s the link! ❤


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