✸.✸ omd. POPPY FELL!


Mom wanted to bring Popcorn to surprise me while i was at work today, but best friend tipped me off that they were heading up the stairs :P Within seconds, Mom was sneaking into the office with Popcorn in her arms. *I was hiding in the corner* “Ay….? Where’s your Mommy Popcorn?” Peekaboo!! :D

Little Poppy was uber excited. So excited she actually slipped and hit her head against the floor. O.O! i held Poppy to my chest and gave her a big big hug. Oh darling……

Mom… (being a Mom) said kids will be kids, we just got to make sure the furball still walks straight. O.O Mommmmm!

Poppy shook it off, literally, so i guess she’s a-okay. :)

Later in the Night

Popcorn, the soon to be graduate, was completely focused on doing her tricks until i took a box of durians and starting nomming away. :D The Popcorn dropped EVERYTHING she was doing and came running. Paws on my knees, “Mommy? Some here?”


The Continuation of Hilarious Occurrences.

Grey’s Anatomy was on and Poppy, best friend, and i were on the couch watching. :) Suddenly, we heard something like “POOOOOOT”, or rubber rubbing against the couch. I turned to look at best friend who happened to be sitting beside Popcorn. She burst of laughing! “WHAT HAPPENED?” O.O???

*HAHAHAHH you won’t believe AHAHA*#*&@)* what haha!!! just happened! LOLOLOLBOL LOLOL*#0@!!!LMAO*

O.O I looked to her right, and realized that the furball was no longer on the couch. O.O


Yes. The furball slipped and landed bum first. Best friend saw her grabbing on to the side of the couch for dear life as she slowly descended the vertical side of the couch. According to best friend, Poppy was sitting at the edge of the couch with her bum halfway hanging, but her bum was too heavy, she lost balance! :D! BOL!!! Her paws sliding down the leather couch made that rubbery pooting sound. Lol :D


Yeah, she’s okay. :}

By the way… Poppy finally mastered her new “shy” trick! Video coming up soon! :D Stay tuned!  


6 Comments on “✸.✸ omd. POPPY FELL!”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Oh my gosh I’m so glad little Poppy is okay! I know how scary it is when these little pups fall – Daisy’s done exactly the same thing – sliding off the couch in slow motion. She’s also miscalculated her jumps onto the couch a couple of times and hit the edge, falling back onto the floor. We’re always way more upset than she is – she just jumps back up! :)

  2. 2browndawgs says:

    Careful of all that falling Poppy.

  3. Dalton says:

    Have to stay off the bacon beer popcorn!!

  4. mollieandalfie says:

    OMD, it sure wasn’t your day, was it!!!! :) Yooo’s hadn’t sneakily been at the vino?? :) BOL. Weee’s so pleased yoooo’s alright though :)

    Big hugs Mollie x

  5. Hey Poppy, Jetty here.

    OMD… we saw the headline on Mom’s phone and she sent it to the home computer and we were SO scared until we read Mommy’s line that you were ok. Phew. Little Sis… BE CAREFUL… I’m a great nurse, however, I live too far away to help you in time.

    BTW, JJ also falls off the couch and bed all the time. We worried so the first few times, now we know, she’s just a bit of a … ahem… klutz!

  6. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Whew!!! When we first started reading this we were sure hoping sweet Poppy didn’t fall down the stairs. Good going Poppy hanging on to the couch and sliding down like that. Be careful though and no more falling okay?We are sure happy you are okay. Hugs and nose kisses

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