☛ Popcorn on da Laptop


“vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvb        c     vvvvvvdm                 eaqma nnnnj”

These are Popcorn’s first words on the laptop. Any genius can make sense of that?


She silently watches the screen

“what’s up mom?”

“hey! that’s me on the screen!”


“why are they talking about me”


still thinking..

don’t think she’ll ever know why


“hey mom!”

“eh.. u telling?”

given up

she’s down on the floor now :}

checking out the front door



She heard the sound of cats making out in the alley

“gonna check it out”

“can i mom?”

“okay.. fine.. i’ll just stay here”


Mommy said today that she misses Popcorn whenever she’s away from home. :) She also once believed that Popcorn was special because she naturally flips over for belly rubs. teehee. sorry to disappoint you mom.. ♥

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