☆ Lucky me :D


Lucky me ✭! Last night I got to see Poppy’s latest sleeping style. :D

Hind legs stretched wideee APART,
belly up,
front paws reaching waaaayy above her little head.

oooo boys, it was too cute i had to place my hand over my mouth to hide the gigglings. :P

Seeing the little one resting in her crate got me tempted to bring her up to bed with me. But since my bed is 32 inches above the floor, we would totally have to design doggie stairs for smallness, and maybe even consider adding bed railings all around :D.

Well, as tempting as that sounds, i thought of what Cesar Millan said in one of the recent episodes about how disaster strikes once dogs dominate human’s bed. o.O Would Popcorn do that? One lady in that episode actually said that she’d been evicted from her own bedroom by her dog and has been sleeping on the couch for close to two years now! What’s that all about? mmm? Anyone else facing this similar situation? i hope not, that’s tough. O.o

Anyway I really wanted to take a photo of Poppy sleeping but didn’t as I was afraid to wake sleepiness up. Boy.. I hope I’ll never forget that mental image. Yes. I’m gonna draw it to keep it glued in my brain :D


I think baby opened her eyes at one point, but I continued to tip-toe past her. Perhaps she even thought she was dreaming that’s why she didn’t tweak a muscle and continued sleeping.

I wonder if baby ever dreams about me.
I know I’ve seen her in mine :) ♥


♥ midnight snuggles

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