●.● “Oops i was Naughty today”


I heard scratching at the door, followed by sniffing and whining sounds as i worked on my computer this afternoon. The whining started to intensify. I knew who was there. Lol. So i immediately grabbed my camera to capture the moment. :P tsktsk, thinking this is gonna be good. :D


noooooo you didn’t see me….. you didn’t see me….. Got To HIDE!!

Rule of Paw:

Never Look Her Straight in HER EYES!


Yes mom. i am a popcorn and i left my station and sneaked up da stairs at 14:51pm today.

i am ready to receive whatever chores you assign me.

but.. but…. poowse be lenient…..? *shaking*

*this is me nervously awaiting mom’s verdict* @.@

it took the little one all her might to push her little nose past the tiny gap between the sliding door and the wall. :P and when she finally made it, it took her an incredible amount of self control to stay patiently at the door. I could sense a genuine fear coming from the small thing as she awaited for a “shhhh”, an “AY!” a long frowny stare, or a shooooooo down the stairs! :P

(She got the frowny stare, and i walked her down the stairs. :D)

Lately, such “Peek-a-boo” moments have been happening more often. Poppy has been pushing her boundaries and coming upstairs even when no one calls her up. It’s not just the bedroom. The furball’s appearing at da study room, outside da restroom, at da car porch, outside da door at random moments! One minute you’ll hear the bells approaching, next second she’s right in front of you!  O.O

i read somewhere that furkids her age are approaching adolescence and therefore are prone to challenging their boundaries every now and then. Awww… to think that my baby has reached her teenage years! :D teehee. Alright then Poopie! This means mom’s got to equip herself with all sorts of communication skills, be as patient as can be, and have TWEATS everywhere i go right! Lol! :D That would certainly get your attention ay! :D

Love you my little peanut! :) ❤ 

Now be good!! :D


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