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Help Support Bella’s Leg Surgery FUND

Organizer: Barbara Hastick
Beneficiary: Bella Hastick
This fundraiser ends on April 20th, 2012

Bella is a 19 month old Boston Terrier who needs surgery in both her hind legs, she was born with a deformation in both rear legs and they will both need surgery. This is for the left rear leg. This is what needs to be done… so she does not lose the ability to walk run and play like a normal dog.

The Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) is one of two ligaments that cross (cruciate means cross) in the knee joint. This ligament is the same as the ACL ligament (anterior cruciate ligament) in man. When the cranial cruciate ligament ruptures, the joint becomes unstable causing pain and lameness.

Smaller dogs and cats are repaired using suture material placed outside the joint in a manner so that it supports the joint in a similar way to the cranial cruciate ligament.

The condition known as medially luxating patella is when the kneecap goes out of its proper position and rests on the inside (medial) of the knee. This condition is also known as medial patellar luxation or MPL. If you put your right hand on your own right kneecap, you can feel it located in the middle of the knee. Now move your hand to the left side (inside or medial) of your right knee. This is where a medially luxating patella rests. Your dog may seem to run normally to you except that once in awhile he or she may pick up a leg and carry it for a bit.

I have started this fund to raise enough money to have Bella’s legs fixed. Bella needs both knees fixed.

I am on ssi and having a really hard time. I have never ask any one for help before but for my Bella I will. I only ask for you to give what you can even a couple dollars, it all helps, please give !

My vet Dr. Anthony from Florida veternary clinic is the vet that did Bella’s Physical exam and said Bella needed surgery. Dr. Anthony can do the surgery but prefers that I go to a specialist that specializes in this type of surgery. And of course this is much more expensive!

I would like to use veterinary surgical specialist Dr George Malnati. Here is Dr. Malnati’s quote to do Bella’s left leg surgery.

Dear Barbara,

The cost for an MPL is $2100.
The variation depends on what needs to be done.
The surgical fee includes the follow up visits.

Dr. George Malnati

There is also a video of Dr. Malnati talking about what he does.

Thank you all for helping. My Bella sends her love.



 A little help goes a long way :}

Please click here to give :)



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  1. Bassas Blog says:

    I hope Bella gets help.

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