◎ Poppy Meets Bally!


“Mom is coming home Mom is coming home Mom is coming home!

Maybe if I chant louder Mom will reach home quicker!”



I Got To Play With Ballllly!!!”


What’you looking at huh?


mom. i notice you staring at me!!

what can i help YOOOOOU with huh??

hey! i should have known you were planning on taking him!

Are you going to return him to me soon?


i’m still waiting mom……

mom….. i’m waiting.

o.O ooo are you releasing Bally?


munchin’.. just keep munchin’ munchin’ muchin’…

again….. mom…?

teehee. i’m gonna chew on him real hard so no one can take Bally away from me!


CHEW harder!!

-.- i still lost Bally in the end. And what do you think you’re doing mom? i think i look silly now. *poof*

2 Comments on “◎ Poppy Meets Bally!”

  1. rumpydog says:

    Hey! Mom! Give Popcorn the bally!

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