☢ videos of mischief and silliness


Here’s some videos of  a pup’s day to day mischief, playfulness, and silliness. :D 

Tell me which of the videos you like best or what types of videos you would like to see featuring Popcorn :) Feel free to share links of other pet videos in the comment box below ;)


☢ i’mma playing BONE!

Here’s a close up video of Popcorn playing with two chew bones. The lighter colored is peanut butter flavored and the darker bone is bacon flavored. You will see that she prefers the bacon one. :D Enjoy!

Taken on: 6th January 2014. :)

❤ Little Popcorn Howling

Little Popcorn howls whenever she hears this sound go off!

Taken on: 6th January 2014.

✎ Quick Update Today :D [video post]

I can still recall the time when Poppy was a little baby, and she couldn’t find her bottle that was placed inside her crate. :D It was the funniest thing to watch her reaching for the mouth of the bottle from outside her crate. Here’s a video of her doing that on her first day home. I still get giggles in my belly watching her. :D

Taken on: 16th November 2011. Popcorn was 3 months old :)

✌ introducing, duckie.

meet duckie! Popcorn’s alllll time favorite yellow pal from the US!

Taken on: 26th February 2013. Popcorn is 1 year and 6 months old :)

✪ New Trick: Commando Crawl *BOMB*!

In this video, Popcorn the toy poodle performs the Commando Crawl *bomb* trick. :D We call it bomb, because Popcorn crawls/hops across the floor like she’s doing a commando crawl away from danger. :D

Taken on 28th of July, 2012. Poppy is 11 months old!

⇪ The Reach (for the Baseball Toy)

Popcorn was sneaking around her crate while we were having our dinner. This was what she was up to. :D

Taken on 25th of July, 2012. Poppy is 11 months old!

↺ Cushion Flinging Good Time! :D

The furball plays fetch with her blue cushion. Scratching, and flinging it around. :D

Taken on 23rd of July, 2012. Poppy is 11 months old!

✑ Grocery Shopping and Video Post! :D

Popcorn always gets really excited around my sister, and in this video, she’s waiting at the door for my sister to walk in. Poor Poppy couldn’t walk out of the door because of the invisible boundary so all she could do was vibrate in excitement and whine away. :D

Taken on 19th of July, 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old. :)


♥.♥ Popcorn welcomes Mom and Dad home after their 5 day trip to Korea.

Taken on 14th of July, 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old :D

*.* Popcorn POPPING!

♥.♥ Popcorn popping from the edge of the table. :D

Many apologies for the video going in and out of focus! Urg. Mobile phones!

Taken on 11th of July, 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old :D

✎ Today’s story! :D

Without any cue, Popcorn seems to respond in a particular way… to this one word in the song “I Love You Baby” (as you will see in the video). :) I think it’s probably a one-off episode and just a coincidence. But it was so cute i had to video it. :D

Taken on 7th of July, 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old :D

✎ Today’s story! :D

Popcorn gets slightly distracted while performing the *Bang!* Trick.

Taken on 7th of July, 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old. :D

❂ What i do in mom’s toilet all day :D

Popcorn plays with her new toy (CarlsDog).

Taken on 6th of July 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old.

♫ ♪ ♬ Popcorn Parties with CarlsDog!

Popcorn plays with her new toy (CarlsDog) for the very first time.

Taken on 5th of July 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old. :)

♫ Wordless Wednesday: What i did today :D

Taken on 4th of July 2012. Poppy is 10 months old! :D

✲ Mischief All Weekend!

It’s Day four of Poppy’s training. :) In this video, she’s learning to open the crate door using a different Pull-item. :D

Taken on 1st of July 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old. :)

♣ The “Open Door” Trick (Follow-up) :D

Popcorn opens the crate door by biting and pulling on the rope that is tied to the door. :D

It’s Day three of Poppy’s training. :) In this video, she’s learning to open the crate door wideeee open.

Taken on 30th of June 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old. :)

Day 1 of Training
Day 2 of Training
Day 3 of Training

♣ Popcorn, OPEN!

Popcorn opens the crate door by biting and pulling on the rope that is tied to the door. :D

It took Popcorn 2 days to learn this trick :D

Taken on 29th of June 2012. Popcorn is 10 months old. :)

☄ SHOE Fitting Days are Overrr (Part 2)!!

Popcorn hopping and bouncing around in her new sneakers! :D She also does some tricks in this video

Taken on 12th of June 2012, Popcorn is 9 months plus. :)

☎ “Mom! i made another walking video!”

“Mom caught me walking on my two paws for thirty-five whole seconds today! :D”

She says she’s really proud of me. I hope i can master walking on my two paws for one full minute next time round! Do you think i can make it guys? *my paws are crossed*!  :)

Taken on 5th of June 2012, Popcorn is 9 months plus.

✎ A for Apple!

Popcorn eats a slice of apple for 6 whole minutes. :D To the Nyan Cat Song.

Taken on 4th of June 2012, Popcorn is 9 months plus.

♞ Popcorn Plays Soccer!!

We discovered Popcorn’s talent while she was experimenting with yet another over-sized toy. :D

Taken on 31st May 2012, Popcorn is 9 months plus.

♪ Wordless Wed: Popcorn Meets Carrotto!!

Popcorn Playing Fetch with a 14.5 x 14.5 inch Cushion

The tiny furball decided to play fetch with her big blue cushion today. LOL! Mom and i were laughing our butts off seeing the little poodle running back and forth, with the big cushion in her little jaws… most of it was dragging on the floor. =P

Taken on 30th May 2012, Popcorn is 9 months and 5 days old!

✪ Popcorn has learned “The Walk” trick!

A video of Popcorn walking/hopping on her hind legs when she hears the words “Popcorn… Walk!”. It took Poppy 30 minutes across 2 days to learn this trick. :) Many thanks to best friend for teaching Poppy to do the Walk! :D

Taken on 29th of May 2012, Popcorn is 9 months and 4 days old!

Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn’s Big Surprise!

I…. Popcorn Baomihua GOT TO DO THIS ☛ ☛

Popcorn visits her “throne” for the first time!

Taken on 23rd of May 2012, Popcorn will be 9 months old in two days!

Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn’s Big Surprise!

Mom gave in to my tweat request!!!

i was so happy i forgot to clarify the terms and conditions! Then this happened….

Popcorn hopped, rolled over, surrendered, and did the Bang Trick for Treats.

Taken on 23rd May 2012, Popcorn will be 9 months old in 2 days!

☄ “Have you seen the way i eat my strawberries?” :D (video post)

O.O But Easter has Long Passed! (video post)

Happy Post Easter Popcorn! ✌

Taken on 7th May 2012. Popcorn is 8 months plus in this video. :)

☢ Monday Began with Sunday’s Dream

Popcorn being affectionate with Giggs.

The licking escalated to Poppy dashing “crazily” all about.

Taken on 30th April 2012, Popcorn is 8 months and 5 days old!

♛ The Grand Meeting ♚ (video post)

It’s been two weeks since Popcorn’s spay surgery. Even though Giggs has been staying at our place for the last week, Popcorn couldn’t play with Giggs because of her surgery. Now that two weeks has passed, it’s time for Poppy to finally meet Giggs! =D

Taken on 29th April 2012, Popcorn is 8 months old!

❂ Another day with the cat and 2dogs

Toy Poodle Popcorn annoys Peanut the cat. O.O

Taken on 24th April 2012. Popcorn turns 8 months old tomorrow!

♛ Giggs Sleep Overrrrr!

Mom stuck a sticker on mah nOse!

♖Play time with Pinkiwinkle officially begins!

Popcorn got a new chew toy today :) Her name is Pinkiwinkle, like the Periwinkle flower, but Pink :)

Taken on 20th April 2012, Popcorn is turning 8 months old in 5 days!

♫ Spay Rhymes with Yay ♫

Like anxious and excited parents, we paced about the hall, discussing about how Poppy would look after her surgery with her tiny belly shaven, her perhaps drooling state, and her sleepy groggy gait :P We purchased an e-collar, and couldn’t wait to video her arrival.

Here’s Poppy ready to go home after resting for 1-2 hours after her surgery :)

Taken on 16th of April 2012. Popcorn is turning 8 months in 1 week and 2 days time!

A day at the Board Walk: a 4 k.m adventure :D

See how our day went at the boardwalk! :D It’s Popcorn’s first windy car ride :)

Taken on 8th of April 2012. Popcorn is 7 and a half months. :)

❂ Popcorn Tries on Shoes Today! :D

This is Popcorn’s first time wearing shoes. :D They are a tad too big!

Taken on 3rd April 2012, Poppy is 7 months old :)

❂ Excitement Hits the ROOF (video post)

Excitement hits the roof when Popcorn meets her best friend Giggs :D

Continue watching to see how Giggs took matters into his own Paws to calm Popcorn down :D

Taken on 3rd April 2012, Poppy is 7 months old :)

❂ It’s a Lazy Sunday (for poppy) but Spring Cleaning day for me!

A video showing Poodle Popcorn working part-time as a stairway cleaner to cover her rental
at Property Stairway-Corner (a part of the house she clearly owns) :D View her in action.

Day 1: Getting Used to the Job
Day 2: Working like a Pro
Day 3: She went on for 3 whole minutes without stopping (Speed x2)

Taken on 4th of March 2012 :)

✿ Strawberry Tasting with Popcorn!

Watch as Popcorn does some tricks in hope of getting strawberries.

Taken on 20th March 2012. Popcorn is 5 days short of 7 months old!

☄ Watch out for the Mystical Dragon this year :D

Here’s a video of Popcorn in her Dragon outfit. :D Perfect for the Dragon Year! ;) See her bumping around the room. Lovin your hoodie :D P.S She couldn’t see as the hoodie was covering her eyes.

Dragon Tales Theme Song
Car Crash Sound
Donkey and Dragon Conversation in Shrek
Ord Shuffle
Be a Dragon

Taken on 30th January 2012, Popcorn was 5 months old. :D


ヅ The dog that would do anything for ice cream 

Out came a bar of ice cream for celebration ♥
Watch what Popcorn does next:

Sorry for the shakiness and the many out of focus moments! It’s a pity my camcorder was out of space and i had to use my hand phone to video this. :( and i only wish someone else was there to take the video of us instead. Next time i’ll remember!

A few of the songs in this video can be heard from ice cream trucks. :)

Taken on 4th March 2012. Popcorn is now 6 months and 8 days old :D


➲ It’s Read the Newspaper Day! :D

Popcorn hanging out with dad on a typical Saturday morning :D Didn’t know she enjoyed reading the papers. ;]

Taken on 25th February 2012 – Popcorn is 6 months old today! :D


❣ Popcorn gets a Red Packet!

heh. It’s Lunar New Year! Popcorn’s getting her Fair Share of Red Packets!

Video Taken on 21st January 2012. Popcorn is turning 5 months old in 4 days!

*Full Screen Viewing is Recommended :}

☄ Look who’s Running!

Here’s Popcorn (aka Poppy) and i running our 100 meter dash home. =D


❂ It’s a Special Milestone Day for Little Poppy 

Today was the first time Popcorn went over to Gigg’s (my sister’s dog’s) house. :)

Here’s a video of Popcorn happily walking around Gigg’s Kingdom (notice her constant tail wag). :] Enjoy!

Video Taken on 5th February 2012. Popcorn is 5 months plus now. :)


☄ Something meets the light of day, Someone’s gotten wiser today, Someone’s leaving for five days

Yay! Managed to capture Popcorn’s first steps down the stairs today! :D She never knew this before today. Popcorn’s all grown up!

Taken on 23rd January 2012.
Just 2 more days and Popcorn turns 5 MONTHS old :D


↠Bang Trick

Popcorn performing the BANG! trick :D

Video Taken on 28th December 2011. Popcorn is 4 months old :D


♒ Swim coach meets Poodle

This was Popcorn’s first time experiencing what it’s like to soak, swim, play, and paddle in water. :)

Video taken on 15th January 2012. Popcorn at 4.5 months :D


❂ Sunday with Family =D

A short clip of Popcorn kinda dancing with dad =]

Taken on 15th January 2012. Popcorn is now 4.5 months old :)


☯ The Chinese Ornament Thief on Lunar New Year

♠ Part 1 of this video shows what i initially saw Popcorn doing when i first came downstairs.

♠ Part 2 [Take One] is an attempted re-enactment of how Popcorn retrieved the ornament from the plant.

What i did was hang the ornament back onto the plant and waited to film Popcorn caught in action. :]

♠ Part 3 [Take Two] is a 2nd re-enactment of the initial scene, showing how Popcorn eventually retrieved the ornament :)

Enjoy the comments in Popcorn’s perspective! ;)


❂ Good Morning Baby!

I took this video on one of the mornings. This is how Popcorn usually behaves when she first sees me in the morning. :)

The misty effect was the result of taking the camera out of the air-conditioned room to the outside where it was warm and humid = Multiple attempts to wipe the lens! o.o

Video Taken on 11th January 2012. Popcorn is now 4.5 months old!


☁ Popcorn dreaming

Popcorn’s feet moving slightly while sleeping. I guess she was dreaming? :}

Video Taken on 10th January 2012. Popcorn at 4.5 months :}


╰☆╮Blue Cushion Play Time

Popcorn dragging the cushion around the living hall :}

Video Taken on 8th January 2012. Popcorn at 4.5 months. =)

A more recent video of Popcorn playing fetch with the blue cushion here:


☄ Popcorn’s Must-Watch Reaction to Dog Barking Audio

I replayed Popcorn’s baby videos on my laptop and this video was a recording of how Popcorn reacted to the sound of the puppies barking in the pet store she was previously at.

Popcorn’s not allowed on the stairs, perhaps you could tell from the video that she hesitated a little before taking each step up. Then again, the temptation to peep or rather her curiosity towards the sound of barking puppies (more like all things) was just too great for one Popcorn to handle, she absolutely had to come see for herself. heh. I was giggling when i took this video, that explains the vibrating movements :D

Video taken on 3rd January 2012. Popcorn at 4.5 months =)


❤ total lovin’ of her blue chew toy

An attempt to create an animation of Popcorn and her chew toy o.O


♨ Verdict on Brush Tail and Venison ♥

This is a video showing you how much Popcorn loves her new motivational foodie (Brush tail and Venison by Addiction) :D I recently added this to her food bowl to encourage her to finish up her fish4dog kibbles :) Guess the product worked its magic!

Watch until the end to see her satisfied face.

P.S Her feet were wet from washing them after her morning walk. :) She’s kinda un-kept in this video as brushing and cleaning her usually takes place after meal times :)

Video taken on 26th December 2011. Popcorn at 4 months old.


▩New Army Shirt!

Check out Popcorn’s $21 army shirt! =D

She’s doing the UP! trick in this video :}


◐_◑ [YouTube Video] Scared by own reflection :D

Popcorn dancing to the beat of this song ;)

Taken on 16th November 2011. Popcorn at 2.5 months old. :)


☟☢ Potty Training Miracle :))))))) 

I noticed that Popcorn performs a ritual just before the big one. Here’s a video of the entire performance. :D

It looks to me like she’s dancing to the lyrics of the song ;)

-No offence to the writer, singer, producers, and fans of this song.

Taken on 15th November 2011. Popcorn at 2.5 months :)


░ Popcorn Bathes!

This video was taken on 2nd November 2011 at the pet store where the kind lady in the video demonstrated to me how to bathe Popcorn. Popcorn was just two and a half months old. =D

This video shows both the bathing and drying process in fast pace :) Enjoy the commentary. :}


Yellow Rope Chew Toy YouTube Video :)|Yellow Rope Chew Toy YouTube Video :)

:))))) i love to watch her hop around the floor, like she’s dancing to the beat =D

Taken on 21st November 2011. Popcorn at 3 months. =}


Towel Runway Walk to the song Sexy and I Know It

Thought she looked cute in this video walking around with a towel across her back. Looking like a Lion Dance performance =D

Sorry for the poor quality again, currently saving up for a decent video cam!

Taken on 1st December 2011. Popcorn around 3 months plus.


Up close and personal Chew toy Session

Here’s another video of Popcorn and her chew toy :)

In case you’re wondering, the background sound is from the television :D

Taken on 7th December 2011. Popcorn at 3.5 months old.


Popcorn and her Chew toys :D

oh boy. Sorry for the poor quality video. i just grabbed the nearest recording device i could find to capture this moment. :}

Taken on 7th December 2011. Popcorn at 3.5 months old. :)

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