☁ Evening Walk and Creepy Barks ϟ



I went to Diaso today and bought Poppy a tissue box holder that clips onto the side of her crate — how convenient! :D What a brilliant design by Diaso ;) yay! ♥ 


Came home and took Poppy out for a walk to the park with Daddy and Mommy. :) This park is about 2 kilometers away from home. :) Potential obstacle to face: three flights of stairs, one downhill slope, the distance, and several traffic junctures

Even though Poppy was found at the top of three flights of stairs a few days ago (click to read more about this), no one has actually seen how well she climbs stairs, UNTIL TODAY! #first time seeing her up and down a flight of stairs :D Poppy is Brilliant at stairs climbing! Mom, Dad, and I were totally shocked. O.O ahah! Way to go baby! And we still thought you were tini wini and climbing stairs with caution. You are magnificant! aww.. we’re so proud of you! =D What a wonderful surprise! *i’m beaming away*  Daddy said, “she’s all grown up, not a baby anymore” tsk. Really? You’re forever my baby :}

Popcorn was great this evening during her walk :} She crossed all obstacles without hesitation =D We had lots of fun meeting furkiddos along the way, sniffing human friends, and checking out the beautiful scenery. :) Nothing beats the evening sunset, and the gentle breeze after a night of rain. :) We sat on the park bench together sipping our water while watching kids play basketball. :) It was a good day :)

Did you know that Poppy knows how to watch the traffic? :D It’s so cute to see her doing it. Most times, when i see a car about to pass by, i would walk towards the edge of the sidewalk and be ready to cross the road as soon as the car passes by. But Poppy? She wouldn’t move forward – not until the car drives by completely and is at least a meter away. :P cuteness.  Poppy Observes Traffic Safety. She reminds mommy of its importance :D



The alarm went off, and prayer music went off on the forth level. I thought Daddy was listening, so i ignored it. But Poppy seemed truly disturbed by this foreign melody in the middle of the night. She kept on barking and barking, and barking. What’s going on?? No amount of clapping or shhh-ing could calm her down. I decided to run upstairs to check things out. Guess what, Daddy and Mommy were asleep!! O.O eh….. it felt kinda creepy. I knocked on their bedroom door and told Daddy about it. He said, AHA, your mom switched the stereo to alarm mode again. =P Phew. He headed upstairs and switched the stereo off. Voila. No more barks. =D !!! yayyy!!

I went downstairs to check on Poppy to see if she was okay and gave her a couple of bedtime snuggles. :) Then i left her to rest in the living hall while i headed back upstairs to tidy up my room. Smallness’ bell on her collar was ringing away, she must have been wiping the stair way again, or battling with zebit :D But the sound of the bell was drawing closer…. and her whining stopped..

……. mmmmm. 8|

At 12:50am today, Poppy made her way up the stairs looking for me in the room. O.O!!!! Poppy!!!
i saw the little one sneaking her way up the second flight of stairs. O.O! Jaws dropped, i covered my mouth and felt like i was jumping on the inside. MY POPPY CAME UPSTAIRS LOOKING FOR ME! :P All the whining, and perhaps longing, and this was the way she was going to deal with it. :P Sneaking up the stairs to see me. :} How could i bring myself to scold the little one? But before i had the chance to grab the video cam, take a photo, or squeal with excitement, Poppy headed back down the stairs (perhaps because she couldn’t bring herself to break the rule any further) :P I peeped over the stair and saw Poppy sitting at the top of the steps of the living hall looking up. She saw me. :P I tried whispering, Popcorn… Popcorn.. ah…. hey! Poppy! Comecome~ i really wanted to capture a shot of her on the stairs tonight. But nah, that unfortunately did not happen in the end. A mental image is what i have :) After awhile, i went downstairs to wait for best friend to return home. Poppy and i both slept while waiting :) What a beautiful night this was :} ♥