☁ A Day out at the Park!


Hey Mom! Where are we going?

teehee. why didn’t you tell me we were going to meet doggies!

i would have dressed better! See!

♥ Spreeeeee!

Wee!! To the park we went!

Beautiful isn’t it?

Aye Aye!

See me walking in the wind!




Time to meet some doggies!

Hello there, would you like to be my furiend?

hey hey, how about you?

0.0 no doggies were up to making furiends today!

0.0….. BUT WHYY????



Anyway.. hey mom, what are you hiding in that bag!

Ooooooooo TWEATS????! O.O

The weather was so warm, mom gave me some water to drink!

Hey mom, why are we stopping?

Oooo a little person!

Oh boy. What are you doing to my nose? =O

(it feels funnnny)

hey mom, little person is getting all excited, he’s hopping about after grabbing my nose!


AH. It seems like little person really likes Poppy’s nose!

O.O ~

After two hours of walking, i joined mom and the rest at the dinner table! :D


Oooo everything smelled so YUMMY!!! 

i placed my tini paws on the table and looked at Mom eagerly.


Am i getting a little something something? :P