♥ Spreeeeee!


Best friend brought Popcorn out to surprise me!

I went to buy more stuff to redesign Popcorn’s living space today. Diaso is such a good store to shop at! Just check out the things I got for 24 bucks! Carrying a humongous bag of things is tiring, however seeing Popcorn’s excited face took all the tiredness away. The cute thing is way too cute.

I got her three new clothes and could not resist putting them on her:

Ranking first based on cuteness level:

(1) Pink Dress with Multicolor Poker Dots

(2) Followed by Red and White Manchester United Resembling Tank Top

(3) And lastly, Betty Boop looking Red and White Stripes super mini dress

Hilarious hyena laugh filled the hall with each outfit that Popcorn tried on. O.O!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this entry brought some smiles to your faces :) Have a great day!

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