✄ 12 March is Groom Popcorn Day


HelloOMorning greetings from Poppycorn! :}

I took my time, taking long pauses between each step towards the stairs that Popcorn was standing on. And with every step i took, Popcorn’s level of excitement escalated. She hopped from left to right with happiness beaming in her eyes. Then as i moved closer, she vibrated with extreme excitement and made soft whining baby sounds while looking up at me, with her tail wagging and her ears subtly moving. :) Because of the boundaries given, Poppy could only wait until i reached her. 

As i stood at the edge of the first step, Popcorn licked my toes all over. heehee. That tickled. ♥

Here’s more Popcorn Photos from this morning :) 

hel~loo Popcorn!

tee hee hee i was giggling while taking this photo, because she did the exact same thing as yesterday (hide in her time-out corner).

:D Let’s move on to Morning Brushing! ♥

This is just about the amount of fur Popcorn “sheds” every 1-2 days. Poodles do not exactly shed their fur, their “fallen” fur mostly gets caught within their coat. :) To maintain a tangle free Poodle, i brush and comb Popcorn every morning to get her fluffed up and ready to hit the red carpet ;) I usually comb through her coat 2-3 times to get all the excess fur out. :)


Talk about an entire evening of Grooming!

Ear Cleaning

I cleaned and plucked the fur from Poppy’s ears today. Sometimes she whines a little, and kicks around a bit. :P But nothing too extreme though. Poppy knows that no amount of whining or kicking would stop her mommy. So eventually she would let out a sigh, and that’s when i know that from that point on, Poppy’s gonna let me do anything and she would be a-okay with it. :D ahah. Well I’m thinking she’s okay, but really she has just given up her lil’ fight. 

Next up was trimming Popcorn’s Under-Paws. :D

oh boy. That took quite a while. You see, because i do not own clippers. And i think even if i went on to the store to get clippers, i wouldn’t have the courage to use them on Poppy’s feet. WHAT IF HER TOES WERE TO FALL OFF BECAUSE OF ME??? Anyway. I’ll rely on scissors for now. :D

Trimming Popcorn’s Legs and Keeping the Overall Coat Neat

To blend the overall coat with Poppy’s newly shaped legs, i slightly trimmed the rest of her fur to even out any previous errors. =X Popcorn now has shapely and slim legs to go along with a slim body. She looks smaller :P and perhaps more athletic too. 

♛ The Kid Models :D

:D uber cute.

ooo man i love this photo!

 As I haven’t gone for grooming lessons, this was the best i could do for baby Pops!


✰ Poppy was a star tonight!

Everyone was vying for her attention. :P By everyone, i really meant my mom. haha. Poppy sat beside and followed every member of the family around the living hall tonight. Everyone except mommy. HAHA. That got us laughing. But mommy seemed genuinely sad about it. :( She said she was even feeling slightly jealous. ooops Poppy. See what you’ve done baby? Well then eventually when mommy went outside for awhile, Poppy followed her and stared up at mommy like she was asking her to come back into the house as it was drizzling. Oh how sweet of you baby. But Mommy jokingly said, don’t want already. :P!


It was rather late and best friend carried Popcorn onto her lap to watch T.V together. :) At first, Popcorn was watching T.V :D, but eventually, she snuggled into a fur ball and dozed off on best friend’s lap. :) Way cute babe. You’re way cute. :} ♥


Night night now Popcorn. big  huGs :}