☃ I Got a Message from Popcorn


Message from Popcorn

“Ooooo it’s raining and the wind is blowing really strongly, i must snuggle with mr. pineapple, and chicken drumstick, and pinkiwinkle, and rainbow toy, and my dear squeakies to stay warm for the night. burrrrrrrr~~~ *creepy wind* i’m trying to be a Brave Popcorn…. buuuuuut MOMMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O!”

It’s tough to ignore a screaming pup…

“Mommy just came downstairs and gave me a good brush and crazy loads of belly rubs and hugs. :) I even got to play with mah drumstick! =D Happiness! No More Crazy Winds!! Night night furiends, i love you guys :}” 

Brushing Popcorn can be so therapeutic :) i love you baby.

…and i really hate to leave.