☺Thankful Tuesday!


We were catching up with Big Bro Jet just earlier today and we told him that we had recently nominated his blog for the Sunshine Award! And guess what, dear Jetty and his Mom happened to receive the Sunshine Award from Savannah and they passed it on to Poppy too! After looking through Jet’s blog post, Mom realized that we passed the award on to each other on the very same day! :P What a pleasant surprise! :}

Jet said… “Great minds… brother/sister connection and all that good stuff…” teehee. Ditto Jetty! ♥. Here’s a big warm hug to you and Jetty Mom! Thank you for thinking about us :)

Many thanks to Savannah for bestowing the Sunshine Award on brother Jet’s blog, and thank you once again Daisy for sharing your award with us! :D

We feel very blessed to have received the Sunshine Award from two wonderful furiends on the same day! :) Thank you so much Daisy and brother Jetty! You make Poppy and i so very happy!!


Here’s another little surprise for you Jet!!


So here are the rules:

  • Answer the questions that come with it
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it


Here are the questions and our answers:

We will try to answer the questions differently this time round :)

Our previous answers can be found here.


Favorite number:
2! Because i like to walk on 2 legs and receive tweats allll dayyyy long! WHO DOESN’T? =D


Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Mom and i still love Coffee and what’s in it! :} So that’s water & milk too! I looove water because that’s all i drink! But i also love the sweet smell of morning coffee! i’m always climbing on Mom trying to get a taste of paradise! :D


Facebook or Twitter: It’s still Facebookie of course!!!! Mom lets me run my own Facebook page! ;)


My Passion: That’s easy Mom! Let me answer that! Snuggles… bellyrubs… FOOD. Playtime, walks, chewing squeakies, and STRAWBERRIES! (Have you seen the way i eat my Strawberries?) OH and my newest edition would be… Running around the bed room and running down the long stairs!


Favorite pattern: That’s got to be the patterns on the marble tiles all around my living hall! There’s something about the shiny smooth surface with random lines that makes me want to wipe it over and over again in-between my nap time :D Strange aren’t i? Here’s how i usually look when i wipe my marble tiles :D


Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday!! The whole family is usually at home, and that means that I, Poppy pooptart get to hang out with allll my playmates and receive lots of snugglies :}


Favorite Flower: Pinkiwinkle! :D ♖Play time with Pinkiwinkle officially begins!


And it is time to pass on the award to 10 furiends. :)

Here they are!


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Fabulous Flo

For the Love of My Dogs

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Passionate about Pets

Paws to Talk

Sending over me Love and Kissys :} Wishing you a happy happy week ahead!