❤.❤ Sisterly Love!


It says Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! :D I like the sound of that Misaki! :} Me thinks that’s a lovely award. Thank you very much for passing it on to us! :} Mom and i are wondering though, is this award just for girlies? o.O We think it izzzz! Look at the pretty flowers circling the pocket! That clearly screams SISTERhood right? *.* But maybe we’re wrong and it’s okay to pass this on to any furparent and furkid. :D Mom will be sharing 7 things about me below and then we’ll nominate 5 blogs for this amazing Sisterhood World Blogger Award! :D

But before we go ahead and do that, here’s a little something we specially made for our new furiend, Misaki. She’s a beautiful Malamute who lives in Essex (UK). :D She enjoys belly rubs just like i do! And she’s a real sweetheart! Please drop by her blog for a visit and make furiends! :D Follow her on her great adventures :} ❤ #Love!

This is for you Misaki!

Thank you for thinking about us! :}


And now, seven things about me!

1. i love love love love fooooood. You’re da BoSs if you’ve got food in your hand!

2. i have no idea how to behave around SAND. Apparently it isn’t edible like probiotics powder. O.O! Who knew right?!

3. I’ve never visited a professional groomer before. :} Momm grooms me. :)

4. i love taking baths because Mom massages me, so it’s like i’m at a spa! :D

5. When Mom gives me a shoulder ride, she says “hello my baby… hello my lil’ monkey..” o.O — not sure when i became a mOnkey; but i think it’s because i like to cling onto her like a mOnkeyyy. *.*

6. When i get excited while playing with my squeakies or greeting mom, i grunt like a little boy, and sometimes even snort :P It makes everybody laugh!

7. List of 10 things i love: belly rubs, kisses, shoulder rides, cleaning walls, playing soccer, doing tricks, FOOD, going for walks, wearing shoes and licking just about everything!


Finally, Mom and i would like to pass this award on to:

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WooohooooOo what a beautiful day of sisterly love! Have a brilliant week ahead guys! :D