☭ Popcorn M. Baomihua Camps Up-Stairs


Q:What would you do if you had the ability to climb up the stairs but not down? 

I would think that the logical thing to do is to not climb up the stairs, or if you absolutely have to, then camp at the top of the stairs and await rescue yeah? 

Anyone can probably guess that Popcorn doesn’t rely on logical deductions when it comes to making decisions around the house (e.g. where to go, or what not to do). Curiosity always wins over this kid. :D When mommy came downstairs today, she saw Popcorn sitting by the corner of the dining table, looking quite helpless. She concluded that Popcorn must have been feeling guilty about her actions as her head was down on the floor. I however think that Popcorn was mentally exhausted from figuring out a way down the stairs. :D Mischievous Popcorn. That should be your middle name. Popcorn M. Baomihua.

:D Now you know why we shh you when you take a step up the stairs?


Feeling some separation anxiety o.O

I spent 3/4 of my day surfing the net and trying to set my business right. Popcorn was close by, but we were just within sight, not touch. I feel a little bad for baby today, we only played for a little while, although she got her walk this morning nonetheless. She gave the “i want some attention” look many times today. At one point this afternoon, she secretly came up the stairs to sit beside me. I was too distracted to notice. :) ah.. baby :] i know..Patience okay baby.. i’ll be done at most by tomorrow. :} love you still, nothing less :)

See her poor-thing face…..

aiyo… i feel so bad…..

Big Hugs baby~