☝i think we figured it out


I was scratching my head trying to figure out what was causing Popcorn to whine and bark non-stop for the last two nights, and i think this evening… we figured it out.

You see the little pointed white object at the side of Poppy’s tongue? What do you think that is?

Have you got it yet?

It’s a loose tooth!! The baby was in the midst of teething! O.O My oh my. I spotted it when we got home today. It sure didn’t look like a tooth from far. I thought the furball went and ate something she wasn’t supposed to!

When we first got home and snuggled with Popcorn on the couch, she looked kinda depressed and lethargic, like how she was when she first came home from surgery. I think she was experiencing some discomfort. Best friend and i hugged her and gave her comfort the best way we knew how — snuggles, kissys and belly rubs!

Then the furball’s mood turned 180 degrees when we started to play fetch. BOL. Like a wild animal on the loose! Haha. When it comes to play time, there’s no stopping the Poptart.

But by the end of 5 minutes, i saw that the paper ball Popcorn had been fetching had blood stains. :(

=…..( Oh Popcorn…

My heart ache.

Just before her bedtime, i gave Poppy a shoulder ride, and gave her plenty of kisses too. Oh baby, i hope the tooth hurries itself out of there. The discomfort will go away soon i promise! ♥

At some point during the night, Poppy wriggled her tongue and moved her jaws from left to right and the little toofy moved back to its “rightful” position. Oh thankfully it isn’t jutting out now! :D