★ Popcorn gets Lucky!


Popcorn got lucky today. :D I conveniently sneaked her up to my room as i followed the guests who were touring around the house. :P heh. Mom was like “What are you doing here Popcorn?!?” haha. :D I just grinned and said “It’s my dog whattt” Oh man. Baby looked so cute walking about the bed room ah hah. For some reason, I suddenly felt like i was seeing her for the very first time at the pet shop. She explored the area quickly, following my cues. My heart was fluttering with joy, though i was unsure why seeing her in my bedroom brought comfort and a sense of happiness. :)

My tiny princess finally got to see what the BEYOND looks like (the place that lies beyond the ascending stairs that she stares at all the time). :D Now you know baby, that’s where mommy lives ;) I’ll definitely be bringing her upstairs again. With pictures next time! ❤