♥.♥ It’s Still Wednesday!


WoohOoo clear skies today! That means Popcorn gets to go outdoors to play!! The fluffy ball was extremely happy when we took the leash out, she was twirling in circles:) Yeeeeeha! Nothing like the outdoors ;) 

After dinner, Mom, Dad, and I brought Poppy out for her walk. :D Because it had been raining crazily over the last few days, we decided to go on a longer walk this evening. :D We walked around the stadium track three times today! That’s about 2 kilometers of walking :D Little furkid was panting away. :) Great exercise wasn’t it Poppy?

We saw another toy poodle at the stadium tonight :) He was watching the basketball match with a bunch of hooman friends and he had the biggest smile on his face. Another couple jogged past us during the walk and said “Hello there! So cute! I have one at home too!” Guess tonight was a toy poodle night ay? :) Poodle furiends unite !

Mom said during the walk that Popcorn’s one curious pup, she wants to look at every little thing that moves in her path. That includes people, cats, dogs, leaves, cars, toads? It’s funny to watch her get curious and distracted by the smallest of things. :D OH and Poppy ate a tini white feather today. hmphs.

…. Haven’t you had enough of Squeakie Stuffings huh Poppy? (read this post) :D

I got Poppy washed up and ready for her dinner :) She dived right in. ;)


Mom needed some help tonight..

So i carried Poppy up to my room to “help me out” just for kicks. :D Tee hee. As i sorted the documents, i could hear in the background, the shuffling of little paws. It made me smile :) Popcorn’s best-behaved when she’s up in my room. She follows me wherever i go. It’s really quite endearing :} ❤

At one point, I told Popcorn to staaay in the room while i ran upstairs to deliver the documents. Haha, that was when i really noticed that Popcorn understands the “Staaay” command! :D Just like when she understands that she has to stay in the shower area even though the door is left opened and i’m walking away. :D Wooohooo!


New Boundaries

Poppy goes upstairs only when she’s being carried, but she gets to walk down the stairs on her own. :)

I guess Mom and Dad would be okay with this arrangement just as long as Popcorn doesn’t develop the habit of going upstairs on her own. :) You know what? The furball really enjoys walking down the stairs. :) I could tell that she was very proud of herself today. I was really proud of her taking on the steep stairs :}


Cheese Balls!

I had eaten a packet of cheese balls a moment ago, washed my hands, and picked Poppy up to play. :D Her super sensitive nose picked up on the scent immediately. teehee. That was when i started monkeying around, making Popcorn do funny things since she was totally into my hand. :D

Popcorn was climbing all over me, standing tall on two feet while she was on my lap, swiping, begging, stretching and reaching for my fingers. Leaning forward, leaning backwards, i wouldn’t be surprise if she did a backflip! She definitely kept me entertained while i waited for the next show to start :) Looks like a great way to save on tweats right Poppy? :P

Popcorn eventually gave up, i heard her sigh.. :P The show started and i spent the rest of the night giving the furball belly rubs. She was so still on the couch, i could almost hear her say ahhhh~~~

That’ll be all for now! :)

5 Comments on “♥.♥ It’s Still Wednesday!”

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  2. Bassas Blog says:

    2 kilometers of walking? Great exercise! If you had saved a couple of cheeseballs Popcorn may have done a backflip. I know I would! :)

  3. grouchoandt says:

    It was raining here last week, Poppy, and my walks were curtailed so I understand how excited you would have been!!! Great that you got to have a longer walk, walks are the best things!



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