♥ Oh will you look at that face! :}


I heard from Dad that Poppy hitched a ride to the wet market early this morning. :D She was shaking a little in the car as she often does, but she’s much better these days (Good job Poppy!) :) Dad carried her out of the car for a breath of fresh air as they waited for Mom to be done with grocery shopping. :} Too bad our markets aren’t pet-friendly. Poppy would have loved it there!

Other than this morning’s look-see, Poppy had some fun in the bedroom this afternoon, climbing sofas and bean bags, chasing feet, and chasing ball — soccer ball to be exact. :D If you haven’t seen her playing soccer, here’s a video!

At some point, I threw the ball towards the corner of the room and Popcorn shuffled over to retrieve it. But instead of coming out of the narrow corner the expected way.. (i.e walking forward), we saw the furball back-tracking & reversing out from the narrow area with the big soccer ball in her mouth. teehee. It was the cutest sight… seeing her bum waddle. :P We continued playing “corner fetch” and had a great time laughing :D

One thing Poppy learned during her moments upstairs was to wait at the door and not dash into the room at her own will. We taught her to enter the room only when she was called. :} Here’s some photos of Poppy waiting patiently to be called over.

Oh will you just look at that face! :D Poppy, you’re making it tough for anyone to keep you away.

hey mom, can i come over?


no? not yet….?

still waiting~

how long is it gonna be mom?

oooooo? YOU CALLED?

here i am!

hey mom….

you called me over for…… nothing?


teehee. Happy Weekend guys!