☄ Bad dreams Bad dreams Go Away!


I had the most horrible dream any fur-parent can have.

I dreamt that Poppy fell from the 4th story while playing on the ledge. :( It was horrible!! She was badly hurt… i remember how i felt as i watched my baby walk on the ledge, suddenly miss a step, and then fall over….. =..|

A friend on Poppy’s Facebookie said “Please don’t let her near any ledges. Many times dreams like that can be a warning. Please please watch her close. I believe in dreams as portends, especially if they are very very realistic.”

Yes, i’ll be careful dear Sue. I’ll never let Popcorn play near any ledge.

I guess the dream occurred because Popcorn was hopping and playing on the huge bean bag last night, and even laid down on the highest point of the bean bag (near the head rest). I was afraid she would fall over when i saw her standing on the narrow surface getting all excited about just being there. Come to think of it, the narrow surface at the top of the bean bag looks just like a ledge! POOOF. The thought of her falling over translated into a nightmare, magnified a thousand times!

I heard this on a show once, “Bad dreams bad dreams go away… Good dreams good dreams here to stay.” :}  Yes, Good dreams Good dreams… here to stay. :)