♣ The “Open Door” Trick (Follow-up) :D


Follow-up: Day 3!

We came home after a midnight movie and the furball was waiting eagerly for us to open the crate and let her out. :} She was whining away :D but eventually calmed down :) Then we invited her out by tapping on the floor… and immediately, a waveee of Poppy energy rushed through the living hall as she greeted each one of us. teehee. Hello Popcorn!! :D

Shortly after greetings, we refreshed the “Open Door” trick with Popcorn. Here’s a short video of her learning to open the crate door wideee open. :} Way to go baby!

We hope you enjoyed the video! :D


The Little Joys in Life :)

It’s getting pretty late and Popcorn’s zoning in and out of dreamyland. :) She’s resting on the couch as i’m working, and using my leg as a bolster. :D tsktsk ♥! I picked the furball up and laid her little head on my shoulder (like how you would carry a baby) and carried her downstairs. :) The little joys in life. :) i love tucking the furball to sleep :} ♥ Sleep tight little one. ;)

Earlier in the day, Wanti gave Poppy the plastic strip at the back of a sticker to play with and when Mom came home, she saw that the furball had sticky gluey bits stuck on her fur and all over her floppy ears. Silly baby was flicking and shaking and using her little paws to wipe the stuff off. Lol! Thankfully they were just bits of dried glue and didn’t hurt Popcorn :) *Hugs* :} Love you all, Popcorn says! :)