✖ The Disappearing Act


I was walking down the stairs and saw Poppy looking up at me. But the moment I turned the corner, Poppy disappeared. Eh?

I thought she would be at the steps waiting as she usually does. But nope, so I peeped over to the corner by the steps and surprise surprise, i saw the top of a furry red head there. Heh heh. This reminds me of the time Poppy thought she had to stay at her corner before I would come down the stairs (read this post). :P

I walked towards Poppy to have a closer look, and teehee, the fur ball was vibrating.. :P silently vibrating away. Her tail wagging wildly O.O ooo Poppy, I’m glad that you’re still excited to see mommy! :D Who am I kidding, of course you are. :} You’re making me smile in my heart and in person all over again. :) What a beautiful start to the morning. The little things you do never fail to amuse me. :)

Poppy continued to sit in her corner, patiently waiting. Her eyes fixated on me as she awaited for my next move (i wasn’t moving :P). It wasn’t long before the fur ball broke away from formation and scuffled to the steps for morning greetings, which mostly included hyperactive tail wagging, licking of toes, and the silly bobbing from left to right, and right to left.

OKAY POPPY!” and I ran to the end of the living room and played chase with Poppy. :D Morning greetings finally ended with Poppy running into my arms and getting her usual morning huggies. :} i love you baby face :)

I’m off to get a haircut now, see you later babe! 


I’m home! :D Poppy was entertaining Uncle Joseph this evening while i was away. :} Uncle said that he wants to bring Poppy home for a day or two because of how well-behaved she is. WoooHooo. Really Poppy? Were you really so well-behaved? ^^ Uncle likes that Popcorn doesn’t bark or dash around the house and make a mess of things. :) Ya… that she doesn’t do ;)

I carried Poppy like a baby around the living room as we waited for dinner :) After dinner, i trimmed Popcorn’s fur on her face. Aww.. baby’s all neat and tidy now and mommy says her face’s all tini again :)

Here’s Poppy on Mom’s lap 


Watching T.V

Sleepyhead was entering dooreamyland :]

I’m happy to say that Poppy didn’t stir up much mischief today :} Hopefully your furkids aren’t stirring up toowable! Wishing you a wonderful start to the week! :D Remember to drink lots of water and stay safe :) xoxoxo  Poppy :) 


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I held Popcorn’s floppy ears as she ate her dinner tonight. :} Say hi to clean floppy ears!