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I went shopping for Popcorn as planned! =D Bought her more pee-pads and also looked around for other kibble alternatives. Popcorn is currently eating Fish4dogs for puppies. Don’t get me wrong, this food is great! Excellent nutritional value, fish based, and no added preservatives. It is also a hypoallergenic product which is great. However, I’m considering a change because Popcorn doesn’t like the smell of fish when the fishy kibbles come together in her bowl. What I’m doing for her now is adding Multivitamin gel to mask the smell of the kibbles, and to add essential vitamins to her diet. Lazy I am, I’m hoping to find an alternative food source that makes my life a little easier and more convenient, instead of spreading gel across 55 grams of kibbles daily. But sadly.. I didn’t manage to find any suitable kibble alternative today. I however bought a packet of brushtail and venison raw dehydrated food as an alternative motivating food source hoping to add a dash of excitement to Popcorn’s daily meal times. :)

Popcorn also received a soft toy and a Christmas Party outfit which she would know about only tomorrow morning =D To end it off, I got her a packet of salmon moose. :P Ah, you’re going to be a happy corn.

When we got home and slowly unwrapped the food packaging, Popcorn’s eyes lit up – nose drawn to the aroma of raw meat [insert the image of Patrick from SpongeBob Square pants floating towards the aroma of food in the episode where Patrick got himself a new nose]. It was total clarification that Popcorn was attracted to Addiction. Oooo yummy. She performed trick after trick, hoping just to get a little piece of heaven. Haha. Cuteness.

I’ll be adding some of this to her main diet tomorrow morning to see how she responds. And ya, I bought a food grinder to grind this new food into tiny bits. Hope this solves the gel spreading meal time fussiness. Stay tune for more updates! =) Love from Popcorn and me. Stay warm this Christmas! *.* ♥