✸ 26th March ;}


Poppy the big white standard o.O

I had a dream that Poppy became a Big White Standard Pooooodle! o.O She couldn’t fit into her crate, and had to go outside to pee. :P I ran downstairs to take a peep at Poppy the moment i woke up. :) phew~ i know this sounds silly, but i was relieved that Poppy was still tini wini :} ♥ the dream felt so real. Then again, even if Poppy were to magically look different, Poppy would still be as loved :} 


The decision

After many weeks of consideration, we’ve decided to arrange a date for Poppy to undergo sterilization surgery. Her appointment will fall on the 16th of April. :) Poppy.. be brave for mommy okay? I’ll be with you every step of the way. Plenty of hugs and kisses. :} Putting on your big girl pants for you now baby :}
:)  You’ll be okay ♥ :)


Evening Walkie ❣

We went for our evening walk today, and Poppy was super happy as always :) We walked across the basketball court where two girls were standing. They were back facing us. Then one of the girls bounced the ball, and Poppy RAN. lol. :P She did a skip, a hop, and a jump. tee hee. The girls laughed :D we all did. :} Oh poppy… why so cute. 

Poppy took a half-bath after her walk today. :) She had this silly little blur face whenever water hit her fur coat. :) Like she’s thinkingmommmy~ what’s going on?” tsk. baby… :}


i Light Marina Bay Event ❣

I can’t wait to bring Poppy to the i Light Marina Bay Event this coming Saturday! :) Stay tuned for the update and crazy amount of photos of Poppy at her second  big outdoor event! :D In the mean time, you could click here to see Poppy at her first big outdoor event that occurred in February! :)

♥ In that Post: You’ll get to see Poppy enjoying the sea breeze, socializing with fur friends, clipping her nails, having a gooooood relaxing massage, sleeping at the event (haha), and eventually when she returns home :)

All thanks to National Geographic Free Pet Shop Event, Poppy got the first hand experience of watching other pups walking on their leash. I suppose the exposure was an excellent learning experience for Poppy, it completely changed her walking style! Perhaps at the event, Poppy decided to mimic others pups or “impress” mommy that she could walk just as well as all her furiends! :) tsk.

Once again, a big thank you to Free Pet Shop Event: Poppy no longer displays heavy butt syndrome! :} WhoOoooHooo!!!


“Hello! i’m taking a ride on mommy’s shoulders, and i hope she never puts me down. :} ” -Over! ;)