Out Shopping with Popcorn for Popcorn’s Things


Went to Pet Lovers to ask for help with cutting Popcorn’s overgrown and extremely sharp nails. Very kind and helpful Cheryl helped with the demonstration :) Thanks! Like a child star, Popcorn was circled by a few passersby as she paraded her paws. :) Daddy and I also managed to exchange the previous rusty cage with a stainless steel 3 feet cage. What a relief! The people at pet lovers have awesome customer service. Thumbs up guys! Very very good indeed :} I also bought her nail clippers and more pee-pads. You’ve got to slow down the peeing girl!!

This was popcorn’s fourth car ride and I am so proud of her, there has never been a puking session =D yay. Daddy and I headed back home immediately as I believed Popcorn needed to pee urgently. This girl doesn’t pee outside of her crate! Even if she goes out for a walk. Haha. Is that healthy? Is that normal? Or perhaps because she isn’t a boy and doesn’t have the urge to mark her territory and pee around huh. So I started fixing up her cage the moment we got back. Ahh… her crate thing is finally is settled. We’ve been waiting for the replacement order to arrive for about a month now. Yippee! Popcorn’s got a bigger crate now! =)