☠ DogNapped?!


I had the strangest dream last night. Poppy and i were at the fair and we were checking out the scenery by the sidewalk. My hands were full for a moment so i passed on Poppy’s leash to a bystander who happened to be holding on to 5 other dog leashes (so i thought, oh great, a dog person!) but when i turned my back for a split second and looked over, Popcorn was GONE. So were the dogs, and the Dog Person. Sheer panic kicked in. Popcorn had been kidnapped!!

I searched around the vicinity for several minutes and spotted dog paw prints leading to the entrance of a giant bungalow. O.o i sneaked past security and went straight for the stairs. After searching almost every room in the house, i came to the last door and peeked into the key hole. Lo and behold, Poppy was sitting by the King sized bed just hanging out with the rest of the furgang. I had the heaviest feeling in my chest. Somehow, i knew that Popcorn was in grave danger, the kind of danger that comes with being napped by a serial killer, or a fur smuggler O.O.

I could see from the tiny key hole, the movements of the woman from the fair. She had gone into the bathroom. I ran into the room, grabbed the leashes, grabbed Poppy and dashed out. :D As i was running, i looked at Poppy’s little face and we shared a moment :) ♥ That was the last scene of the dream :} i’m so glad it ended well :)

I went downstairs this morning, picked the furball up and gave her the biggest smoochy ever. ♥♥♥ :D i’m so glad that you are safe Poopy!


Evening Walkies! — CHECKED!

As part of her monthly birthday bundle, Poppy got her surprise walk to the beach this evening. Alright, a surprise halfway walk to the beach. tsktsk. Poppy was so bushed by the time we made 1 km, we had to turn back. :D

Mom and I noticed this today…

Popcorn’s fur center-parts while she walks. All the way from crown to tail. Bol!!

It’s the cutest :D

i love how she’s so focused on walking, but when i call her name, she looks up at me with twinkle in her eyes :} ♥.♥

Ooooh and there’s one more thing! Poppy loves and hates the moments just before we go on a walk. Poppy loves knowing that she’s going for a walk! But she hates being sprayed on by anti-ticks spray! Whenever she sees me walking towards her with the giant green and white bottle, Poppy BOLTS. LOL. Today, she ran behind Daddy hoping for some defense — turning left and right, walking back and forth, and turning every corner she could find. Haha. Dad only looked and did —— nothing. :P Okay Poppy… it’s like walking on water. Teehee. I think the spray tickles. =P

When we got home, Poppy got her tini paws washed and dried. :) And as i was having my dinner, Poopsie was running about behind the couch, dragging cushions and squeakies until she was sooo pooooped she zoomed into dooreamyland within minutes of playing :P tsktsk. Night Night Poopie! I hope you had fun today :) ♥


It’s 3.30 a.m

Oh hello wind and rain and window panes,
i hear you loud and clear!
It’s gonna be a cold cold night Poppy!
So hold on tight — no fear! O.O