❂ Sunday!


Sunday Morning

I just heard Mom say this to Popcorn:

“Popcorn… call Melissa to come down? Say Melissa…. Melissa…..” BOL!

While i sat in the study doing some work upstairs, I could hear Mom telling Dad that Poppy has been looking at the stairs thinking that i was coming down :)

i love how Popcorn just knows that i’m awake even though i make almost no sound at all. :) It’s like we’re telepathic =D. Oooo Poppy. :) It’s nice to know that we’re connected. :}

Shortly after, i brought Poppy upstairs because i couldn’t stand knowing that she has been staring up the stairs for the longest time. :) Having a silly Popcorn running about in the bedroom while you’re getting ready to go out can be quite fun :) She’s either running about chasing feet and having a good time, or she’s sitting directly behind me waiting patiently  We should do this again sometime Poppy *.*! i love having you around :) 

After dinner, we brought Poppy to the boardwalk table to hang out with the whole family :) I brushed her fur while the rest of us chatted under the stars :D Woooot what a great way to end the night :)

– i love ya! :}

4 Comments on “❂ Sunday!”

  1. Kroten says:

    Poppy sounds like my sister, Kame :)
    She was always looking at mommy’s bed and knew that mommy had awaken.

    That first photo of Poppy is so adorable. The look on her face is priceless ;)

    • Hey Kroten! :D We just know when our Moms and Dads are awake! :P But Mom still thinks it’s some kind of mystery. teehee. Please send my regards to Kame! :D It’s nice to meet Kame too! :) Mom says she really adores the first photo in this post too. :)

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