☃❅ Christmas Eve with Popcorn!


Christmas eve with Popcorn was oh so warm and fuzzy. :) Little baby was an excellent host for both my sister’s in-laws and furry friend Giggs (my sister’s dog). Popcorn radiated with excitement and affection to our guests and it was really endearing to see :) Glad Popsicle is fitting well into the clan ;) But some naughtiness was building up in the air as the night progressed. Popcorn, being the over-achieving hospitable host eagerly French kissed Giggs over and over, and over and over again. Yes, we all could see that she wasn’t going to quit anytime soon. Giggs, being the well behaved older boy displayed a cool demeanor, turning away, circling Popcorn as she hopped and sent her kisses flying his way. But I guessed eventually Giggs couldn’t bare the kisses no more and started playing more roughly with Popcorn. Woah, many times I thought that Giggs would unconsciously pounce on Popcorn too hard and break her puny bones O.O horrible thought. But nothing of that sort happened anyway. :D This was the second time Popcorn and Giggs met up. This round was better I would say, Popcorn didn’t pee. =D

Anyways, we had a great dinner, sang Karaoke, and then exchanged gifts. Boy I forgot to get one for Popcorn and Giggs! =X Shall make it up to her tmr :) It was overall a splendid Christmas eve party! Best Christmas ever! :)))))))))))))) Wishing you all a Merry Merry Fabulous Christmas! ;) ☃❅ PARTY HARD!

Beautiful Photos taken by b.i.l’s sister :}

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