O.O Freaky Friday


If Poppy were on the chair beside us, she would be zoooooming from chair to chair, climbing on our laps…. resting on our laps…. But tonight…..

I received a call from best friend in the middle of the night, asking me to come downstairs, but she wouldn’t say what was going on…

I went downstairs and sat at the dining table. Best friend and Poppy were there too.

Best friend told me to observe Popcorn. But even before she began explaining, i had already noticed that something was amiss. Apart from the fact that Poppy didn’t greet me like she always does, she was staring intensely at the window beside the dining table and was barely responding to me when i called her name. “What are you looking at Popcorn?” i asked her gently.

Best friend started to described what she’d noticed while i was upstairs. Over the past 15 minutes, Poppy had been staring at the window. And even after best friend turned the chair around such that the back rest blocked Popcorn’s line of sight, Poppy still stood on her hind legs, and continued to look intensely at the window. At first, best friend made little of Poppy’s behavior.. it was only until Popcorn started to growl, that best friend got a little concerned. The growling went on for at least 10 minutes, accompanied by a series of deep but muffled barking. This was when best friend called me.

While best friend was sharing, Popcorn made the same growling and barking sound, like she was giving a warning. It kinda freaked us out. I mean that strange behavior of Poppy’s, and it occurring at 2.30 in the morning really made the whole experience pretty creepy..

I switched on all the lights along the side of the house just to see if there was a stray cat, a rodent, or anything that may have gotten Poppy’s attention. But there was simply nothing there.

We were at our wits’ end.

We decided to take Popcorn away from the dining hall for a while and headed upstairs to the prayer area. Best friend and i prayed for safety and protection from harm’s way. We were worried that someone may have been lingering at the side lane and trying something funny. Popcorn sat beside us while we prayed. :)

Now that we’re back downstairs, things seem back to normal. Poppy’s no longer staring or growling at the window, although she did glanced at it a couple of times, as if to check if what she saw was still there. I’m just glad that Poppy’s back to being Poppy and focusing all her attention on me again. :D *Phew* That was weirdie wasn’t it? I’m so glad that it’s over…

And just as we were about to head upstairs… i glanced at my phone, and it displayed —— Friday 13th.

O.O !!!!!!

Have a good day furiends! Keep safe..! We love you! :)